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Australia: Student Life - Must read

20 Things a Nigerian Student Will Experience in Australia

A list of 20 things that students from Nigeria will experience while studying in Australia

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Beautiful beaches, cutting edge universities and friendly people...Australia is one of the most all encompassing study abroad experiences a Nigerian student could ever hope for! Not sure exactly what to expect? We’ve compiled a list of 20 things you’re likely to encounter during your studies there and we even interviewed Nigerian students who have studied Down Under!


1.    Innovation

Australia has produced 15 Nobel Prize laureates with now over 1 billion people around the world relying on their innovations including penicillin, ultrasound and Wi-Fi. An Australian education may well inspire you to create the next Nobel Prize winning invention and make Nigeria proud!


2.    Duration of Courses

A Bachelor's degree from an Australian university takes three to five years years of full time study and a typical master’s degree will last for one and a half to two years in total. This is similar to duration of programmes in the US and the UK, so you won’t graduate faster or slower than your cousin who went to London.


3.    Contact Hours

Australian education offers high contact hours (from 20 to 40 a week) with tutors often forming strong bonds with their students by challenging and inspiring them. You will also be allocated a personal tutor who will be on hand to talk to about any issues you have during your studies.


4.    Social Life

Australia is considered one of the most hospitable nations and accommodates people with diverse cultural backgrounds in its beautiful land. We can see you making lifetime friendships before too long. The country is a melting pot of cultures, which creates interesting social opportunities.


5.    Accommodation

With an average monthly price for one bedroom apartment in Australia being A$1,000 (around 140,000 Nigerian Naira depending on the currency exchange), having a roommate can help every student make wise savings to use on Australian adventures during holidays. Your dorm buddy or housemate could become your new travel buddy or even best friend!


6.    Sports

Australia has 120 certified sports organisations around the country, covering popular activities such as AFL, cricket, football (soccer), rugby league, golf, tennis and hockey, to name just a few. There are also more Olympic size swimming pools than you can find almost anywhere else. Just make sure you pack your swimmers (swimming costume!)


7.    Nature

You'll never be far from the bush in Australia. A quick car or train journey will take you to the heart of nature with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, emus and lizards at every turn. There are also many zoos and sanctuaries where you get even closer to these animals. Be sure to check out Taronga Zoo in Sydney or the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane.


8.    Travel

Short trips and hiking tours are available with most universities in Australia like that to the Outback - a rugged expanse of desert and kangaroos. Get that backpack on and explore the rugged coastal lines, deserts, rainforests, tropical reefs and much more!


9.    Weather

The northern states typically experience warm and humid weather while the southern states have colder winters. The southern hemisphere makes seasons opposite to those in the northern hemisphere so you can officially have two summers! Some people say the reason why Australians are so happy is because it's usually sunny, especially in the Sunshine Coast!


10.    Study Environment

Nigerian student Ephraim Awuhe Achin studied at the University of Queensland, St Lucia in Brisbane, and is now a qualified Soil Scientist at the Agricultural Research Council in Nigeria. He couldn't praise the Australian education system enough. “The academic environment is excellent whether the institution is located in an urban or rural area," Ephraim told Hotcourses Abroad. "Generally, if you study at an Australian university even if you are a D graded student, you will probably scale up to B or A if you work hard because all conditions are there for your progress."


11.    Languages

More than 260 languages are spoken in Australia and although your native Nigeria is home to lots of languages too, Australia will present you with the chance to practice Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek to name a few. Of course English is the language you're most likely to hear around the place, but make the most of being immersed in a melting pot of languages and cultures.


12.    Scholarships

With the Australian Government providing over AUS$200 million in international scholarships each year, it has never been more real to get funding for your dream school abroad. You will come across many Australian and international students who have gained scholarships. This country is real about its commitment to higher education.


13.    Tuition Fees

English language course fees start from AUS$300 per week, Undergraduate Bachelor Degree fee ranges from AUS$15,000 to AUS$33,000, Postgraduate Masters Degrees range from AUS$20,000 to AUS$37,000 and a Doctoral Degree may cost you up to AUS$37,000. This may be higher than at home, but it's certainly worth the investment.


14.    Orientation programmes

These involve academic recommendations and information about campus life in general. Orientation programmes are essential to learning about your new surroundings and are worth taking as there will be someone to guide you and share secret tips and tricks of the trade. Make sure you sign up!


15.    Volunteering

One of the most rewarding ways to experience the Australian culture and excel in teamwork is to do volunteering. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available to Nigerian students, from reading to the blind to helping Australia's wildlife. Volunteering is also a great addition to your CV that is sure to impress any employer.


16.    Campus Life

Each Australian campus has its unique night scene packed with student bars, movies, shopping, live music and cultural events so you might not even want to go far from uni. You could even eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner here if you wanted! Enjoy...


17.    Transport

The national bus service called Greyhound Australia offers a ride anywhere in the country. Getting around the country by bus may take a while however, so you may wish to opt for Qantas airlines or its low budget alternative called Jetstar to save some (Australian) dollars and time!


18.    Food

Thanks to Australia’s vast coastline, seafood is a common dish. Try the shellfish called Moreton Bay bugs, the freshwater fish barramundi and Sydney rock oysters. If seafood isn't your thing, make sure you try (or even host) a typical Aussie 'barbie' (barbecue) with your university peers.


19.    Artefacts

Native artefacts like didgeridoos and boomerangs are great buys to take home for loved ones or even as a keepsake to remind of your time in the land Down Under. Who knows, before long you might be playing the didgeridoo like a pro!


20.    Gifts

Coober Pedy is a mining town in the south of Australia famous for its opals and the town of Broome in Western Australia is renowned for pearl diving. Although Nigeria is not short of its own nature gifts, the beautiful stones found in Australia are sure to impress any mum, sister, or girlfriend!


What are you waiting for? Start searching for your dream course in Australia today!


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