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Health and Medicine Degrees in Australia

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With Australia’s recent changes to lessen their student and migration requirements, the country is becoming an excellent alternative study abroad destination. It’s proving to be a great choice especially for top degree courses such as business, technology, engineering, health and medicine. Our student editor Ashley now covers information on earning a degree in either health or medicine in Australia.

With Sydney being the fifth most liveable city in the world and, “scores well for having low pollution levels and lots of green space in the additional indicators,” states editor for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Jon Copestake, these outside positives will only help Australia’s higher education industry. With such standards that benefit the population’s health, earning a health or medicine degree in Australia will provide opportunities that other destinations might not be able to.



Health and medicine degrees cover a range of subjects including, but not limited to psychology, midwifery, nursing, chiropractic, dentistry, nutrition and care work. Most subjects are offered with a broad undergraduate degree that would progress to a specified postgraduate program and PhD. Undergraduate degrees can take three years at full time study depending on the subject, and can be usually only offered at full time. Certificates take around 45 weeks to a year and a half, postgraduate programmes are two years and PhD’s are three. This is an approximation, be sure to check with your selected university for exact details. There are also unique programs such as the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of New South Wales that although an undergraduate degree, takes seven years to complete. These alternative undergraduate programs in Australia seek to provide the student in earning multiple finishing qualifications during their course of study.



For undergraduate courses students are required to have equivalent secondary school qualifications to Australian studies. This will depend on the chosen university and course subject. Certain bachelor courses require a diploma from the chosen subject first, for example, in order to undertake a Bachelor of Nursing, a Diploma of Nursing must be completed with satisfactory results. Being able to handle a course physically may also need to be proven, for courses such as care work. A Children Check is another requirement for subjects that will involve working with kids. And IELTS score of at least a 6-6.5 is also needed.  For postgraduate courses, an undergraduate degree in the same subject is usually expected, with IELTS of 6.5, or a TOEFL (computer) of 237, (paper) 92. PhD’s vary by course and institution as they are heavily research based. An undergraduate and postgraduate degree will be expected with a certain GPA depending on the chosen course.


Financial aid

Scholarships are available for international students. Australian universities can offer a set of their own scholarships focusing on past study results to sport participation just for international students; again this is up to the university although Hotcourses Nigeria does offer a very informative Scholarship Search to help locate current scholarships available. Part-time work study is also allowed, and uniquely as long as the student has started their courses of study, family members are also allowed to work in Australia. The coming months will provide future students an easier ordeal when applying for a student visa, and if you’re interested in a health or medicine degree the time is now to research Australia’s courses.


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