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Masters of Engineering in Australia

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Why Study Engineering?

Engineering has been one of the most prestigious fields of study in Pakistan and all over the world. It is highly valued both professionally and academically and so are the skills and knowledge that the degree helps you gain. There is a wide range of disciplines one can choose from including telecommunications, software engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering. The engineering degrees in Australia are well recognized and highly valued all over the globe.

Course Structure

The Master degree can take from two to three years of time duration depending on the course you are doing, the majors you pick and if you did or did not want to do a placement year with your degree. There are two semesters in each year and the assessment criteria are based on both coursework and exams.

Fee Structure

The approximate fee of a Master degree in Australia ranges from AUS$25,000 to AUS$35,000 per annum. The exact fee could be inquired about directly from the university you are interested in applying to. To help with the funding of your degree you can also choose to apply for scholarships as well.

Entry Requirements

All universities would have an English language requirement which could be fulfilled by taking the IELTS or TOEFL exam. Every university has different criteria but in general most universities ask for 6 out of 9 bands for IELTS. The universities would also ask for you to have finished your Bachelors degree in a field related to engineering and sciences. Rarely, the universities might expect you to have experience in a certain field of work as well.

Career and Academic Prospects

Masters in engineering would give you the opportunity to specialise and excel in your chosen field. The degree is highly valued in both professional and academic terms. Firms in Australia and in Pakistan recruit engineers in high volumes. Many students also choose to further study for their M.Phil and PhD degrees to conduct research and study.


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