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The basics
Australia: Subject Guides

Popular business areas of study in Australia

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Australian employers are always on the lookout for top business graduates who can make a difference to their organisations. To make sure that your skills and knowledge are in demand, study popular business areas that will give you that added edge to work nationally and internationally.



Accounting is the language of business. All businesses, big or small, use the theories of accounting to understand and report their financial performance. Accountants with professional qualifications are favoured among Australian employers, including the big 4s. Choose from the CPA exam or dual degree programs that can lead to an MBA and MS.


Business economics

Companies need people who can comprehend how the world economy works. Understanding the forces that push, pull and shape the economies of Australia and the world is essential in building sound business economies.



An unparalleled command of human behaviour will ensure your success in business as it helps with understanding what people need, why they make purchases and what other factors lie behind their buying decisions. Trained to apply the tools of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, statistics and mathematics, you’ll be an asset to companies that deal with international businesses. A strong cultural understanding will take you far in your chosen industry from working with the Australian government and charities to healthcare providers and colleges.


Sustainable business

Sustainable business strikes a balance among people, profits and planet. Sustainability is becoming a national phenomenon and many Australian companies embrace this. As customers, businesses and the planet demand better sustainability, there are job opportunities in this area. You can explore areas that help alleviate poverty, promote justice, protect human rights and respect for the environment.


Information Systems

No business can run without technology. A strong degree in information systems will enable you to manage and oversee technology for a large organisation where you’ll experience putting technology into action to resolve business problems. If a career in Google, Microsoft and AOL sounds appealing, then this course is for you.


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