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Why should you study Engineering in Australia?

We explain the main differences between studying Engineering in Australia and Sri Lanka

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The job market for engineering graduates is very large all over the world and Australia in particular has many great universities. There are a range of engineering specialties to choose from and some universities also have strong international ties. An engineering degree in Australia could unlock more career options and an overall better return value. Plus you'll get all the cultural benefits of studying abroad!


Why study in Australia?

Some Australian schools offer as many as 25 undergraduate engineering degrees that you can choose from and also allows more options to specialise. In Sri Lanka, the engineering programs tend to be broader, with fewer options for focus.


Studying in Australia, you have many more options and can choose between degrees like, electrical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and so much more. Having a specific area of study within your engineering degree will make you a more qualified candidate for potential jobs, and by studying in Australia and choosing a degree option that is not available in Sri Lanka, you give yourself an even better chance of finding work back home.


To receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Australia, you would need to complete 4 years of undergraduate course work within your program’s requirements. An engineering degree in Sri Lanka would also take 4 years to complete, so receiving an engineering degree in Australia that would provide you with more opportunities for choosing a focus in your career wouldn’t take any extra time.


Where to study...

The University of Melbourne is the number one ranked university for engineering in Australia and engineering is the third most popular course for students who choose to study there. The University of New South Wales is second on the list of top rated schools in Australia and offers the widest range of options for specialization within engineering. Third on the list is the University of Sydney, which is Australia’s oldest engineering university.


To see a full list of Australian institutions offering engineering, click here.



Tuition in Australian universities varies from campus to campus but typically is around 800 AUD per unit of credit, or around 9,000 AUD per year. The cost of living in Australia is also much higher than in Sri Lanka, so the extra costs for living expenses would need to be taken into consideration. Despite the higher expense, you still may want to consider receiving an engineering degree in Australia, as you are likely to have better job prospects in the long run.


Job prospects

A degree in engineering gives you the ability to seek a career within the government as well as several different area’s of business and industry. You could work with public infrastructure, computers and technology, environmental issues, electronics and so much more.


There are many opportunities available for students who receive a degree in engineering. Many schools in Australia also offer assistance in finding work after graduation, and the international ties that exist between Australia and Sri Lanka means that you could even receive assistance in finding a job back home as opposed to remaining in Australia. Or if you wanted to, you could try to find work in Australia as well. In addition, job prospects after graduating from an Australian school would also be high due to the extra areas of specialisation that Australian schools offer.


So what should you do?

To conclude, the cost is of an engineering degree in Australia might be more expensive than in Sri Lanka, but there are more options for specialisation, there is more of a potential for better job prospects, and there is an opportunity for cultural enrichment that you won’t have back home. If you are interested in learning more about some of the varieties of specialization for an engineering degree from Australia, you can go to http://www.engineering.unsw.edu.au/study-with-us/undergraduate-degrees to read about each of the degree options at the University of New South Wales.

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