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Australia: Subject Guides

Why study science in Australia?

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Australia is only about 5 hours away by flight from Malaysia, and this has made the country a very popular destination to study science. Australian universities have some of the best science equipment, medical training and facilities and extensive research, opening up loads of room for students to explore and learn. On top of that, Australia as a country, has so much to offer to science students. Here’s why Australia is a great place to study science.


The Great Barrier Reef

If you’re interested in marine biology, there’s no better place to study that than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s oceans hold 4,000 fish types of 30,000 known worldwide, making the country home to the most diverse oceans in the world. Australia is very active in marine biology education and conservation.


Australia’s unusual animals

There are many different types of native and introduced animals in Australia. From kangaroos and wombats to Tasmanian tigers and koalas, the country provides a wide opportunity for the study of animal science and zoology.


Science museums

There is loads of science museums scattered all over Australia. The Macleay Museum for instance, is home to a billion year old meteorite and thousands of interesting fossils. Here, you can indulge in your interest for astronomy.


Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Tower Eye are some of Australia’s greatest engineering feats. Whilst this involves a lot of architectural work, a huge part also includes the marvels of science and engineering. Why not make your stamp and study science and engineering?


Home to famous scientists

In the last two decades, Australian scientists have been given appealing rewards with improved research facilities. The country’s reputation for strong scientific work has gained worldwide recognition and with a long list of famous Australian scientists like Isobel Bennett, Dorothy Hill, Graeme Clark and Peter C. Doherty, many students flock to Australia in hopes of following the footsteps of these famous figures. Who knows, you could be the next biological researcher like Elizabeth Blackburn? Study biology and help discover a new enzyme.


Australia’s deserts

Australia has the largest block of dry lands in the southern hemisphere. Over the last few decades, there has been a wealth of new environmental and archaeological data about this fascinating region. If you’d like to pursue a career as a desert archaeologist, study archaeology in Australia.


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