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The basics
China: Student Finances - Must read

Chinese tuition fees

What is the cost of studying abroad in China? Read our guide on tuition fees in China for international students...

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Tuition and fees in China are reasonable in comparison with the US and the UK, and there are many scholarships offered to international students. Read more about Chinese scholarships here


Fees you will have to pay

Application fees

Most Chinese universities, public and private, will charge a fee to apply to the university. This usually ranges from £45 to £85, depending on the university.


Medical examination fees

Students that study in China for over six months are often required to have a medical examination completed before applying for a student visa. These exams are usually conducted in your country of residence and cost around £70.


Visa fees

You will need a visa to study in China. Click here to read about what you’ll need to do, and pay, to get a Chinese student visa. 


Tuition fees in China

Tuition in China differs at each university. Be sure to check with your programme for the exact amounts you will be charged!

Chinese tuition ranges anywhere from £1100 to £4500 per year for undergraduates and £1500 to £5300 for postgraduate and doctoral students. Degree programmes in the arts are usually less expensive, while the sciences and engineering programmes are more expensive. As well, private schools can be significantly more expensive than public schools in China.


Additional expenses

Housing and living expenses  in China will add significant expense, but it is still cheaper to live in cities like Beijing and Guangzhou than New York or London. Click here to read more about student accommodation in China.


Transportation can also be expensive, depending on how close you decide to live to your university.


If you have any questions, always ask your university’s international office for clarification. They will know your situation and be able to give you the most accurate information on their policies.