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The basics
France: Career Prospects - Must read

Finding a graduate career in France

How do you find a job in France once you graduate if you’re an international student? Find out now...

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What’s the job market like in France?

Provided you have a good command of the language, France can provide a wealth of opportunity across many different sectors, particularly if you’ve completed your degree in the country. France offers a competitive but diverse work environment for graduates. Large companies actively recruit for international talent particularly in the fields of automotive, pharmaceuticals and tourism. You may also want to apply for a graduate scheme. World renowned French companies with such schemes include L'Oréal, Orange, Renault, AXA, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Peugeot Citroën, Renault.


Can I work in France once I graduate?

France is generally very welcoming to international students and from autumn 2016 steps will be made to improve residence rights for international student graduates. If you’re from the EU you’ll be able to work in France unrestrictedly. Students from outside the EU with a Master’s degree or equivalent are able to apply for a temporary residency authorisation (APS).


Tips on how to get a graduate job in France:

  • Apply early. Make sure you start applying for jobs during your final semester
  • Stand out from the crowd. Read our guide on writing a CV and references
  • Make the most of university resources. Speak to careers staff and attend as many careers fairs and networking events as possible.
  • Take a French language course. You might have been able to study your entire degree in English, but if you want to stay and work in France, you’ll need to be fluent in French and in most cases, familiar with business vocabulary. A good command of the language also demonstrates your commitment to living and contributing to the country.
  • Research the company. Are there any skills you bring from your international background that may provide you with an advantage?


Useful sites for finding a job in France:

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