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The basics
France: Student Finances - Must read

Tuition fees in France

What is the cost of studying in France? Read our full guide to tuition fees in France for international students...

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The great thing about studying in France is that despite the high quality of education on offer, tuition fees are some of the lowest in the world. We take you through all the costs below, so you can start budgeting for your dream study abroad experience in France!


How much does it cost?

The amount of fees you’ll have to pay will depend on your study level and whether you’re enrolled at a public or private institution. Regardless of your level and institution, you’ll also have to factor in around €210 per year for health cover.

Public universities

Basic tuition fees are €185 per year at Bachelor level, €250 per year at Master’s level and at PhD and doctorate level you can expect to pay around €390 per year. You may also be required to pay additional fees for specific specialist study programmes. Engineering courses for example are often slightly more expensive.


Private universities

The average amount of tuition fees for private universities in France amounts to around €1,500-1,600 per year and private business schools usually charge around €4,500-7,000 per year.


Other costs

While considering the cost of tuition, it is also worth factoring in how much things like accommodation and living costs will be. The average cost of accommodation is €250-700 per month and you can find out more in our article Student accommodation in France. Depending on your lifestyle, food, transport and other amenities is likely to set you back from €350-500 a month.

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