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France: Subject Guides - Must read

3 subjects to study in France

Learn why France is one of the best places in the world to study humanities and business subjects

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Have you got your heart set on studying in France but are still unsure what to study? While French universities shine in many academic disciplines, there are some which particularly stand out such as social sciences and humanities. Check out these three key subjects areas and get inspired!


1. Linguistics

You might have assumed that studying linguistics is just ‘learning about languages’, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In France, the study of linguistics particularly when combined with French can incorporate historical and philosophical aspects, as well as modern languages skills. You could be learning about the evolution of language throughout the centuries, trying to decipher the psychology behind word meanings, or simply understanding how language is used in different contexts. Search for linguistics courses in France now!


2. Philosophy and politics

Are you interested in the philosophy of the mind? Perhaps you want to research answers to the fundamental questions in life. Studying philosophy and politics in France is a flexible degree option which will allow you to apply your skill set to several different career paths upon graduating. Some courses even offer the option to study abroad for a semester and the skills you gain will make you highly employable. Start the hunt for the perfect Philosophy and Politics course in France now!


3. Business

French business schools or ‘écoles de commerce’, are some of the best in Europe. One of the most appealing things about studying business in France is the choice. Quality schools are dotted all over the country, so you don’t even need to head to major cities to get a top notch education. If you choose to study Business and Management in France you can expect quality teaching, with a competitive outlook and in most cases, courses with great links to industry and work experience opportunities. Check out Business and Management courses now!

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