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3 scholarships in Hong Kong for Malaysians


Education in Hong Kong offers students an East-meets-West experience in terms of teaching methods and exposure. While tuition fees in Hong Kong are reasonable, adding up the living costs and other miscellaneous expenditures may start to look a bit daunting. Here, we’ve pulled together ways for Malaysians to secure funding through scholarships.

Funding Bodies

Host Institution

The Hong Kong government does not provide financial aid to international students. Most scholarships available will be offered directly through your university based on academic merit. Specific details on scholarships can be retrieved directly from your institution’s website. Some universities offer ‘Entrance Scholarships’ to attract top students to study in the institution. Check with your university before applying to this scholarship.

International Partnerships and External Funding

Some government bodies and organisations from different countries work in partnership with Hong Kong institutions to provide specific funding schemes to students of a certain nationality. These schemes are normally quite selective and may require students to either be studying within a specific area or demonstrate a very particular skill set.

There are also a limited number of funding programmes available from external companies or organisations. Where they are offered, these scholarships will typically require that your study area is related to the work they do.


University of Hong Kong (HKU) Entrance Scholarship

This award is available to high-achieving students about to commence their Undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong.

First, you need to create an admission account on the HKU website to begin the application process for the scholarship after you have applied for your study programme. You will then need to complete a separate online application for the scholarship.

Students must be accepted to study at HKU via the Non-JUPAS admissions scheme to be eligible for this award. Amounts awarded vary and may be up to a full tuition fee waiver plus living allowances. Students can renew the scholarship at the start of each academic year, provided then maintain a high academic standard.

Now that you’ve figured out how to finance your studies, browse for courses in Hong Kong and kick-start your study abroad adventure.  

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3 Scholarships in Hong Kong to start you off...

As well as being a unique gateway to China, education in Hong Kong offers students an East-meets-West blend of insights, teaching methods and styles. But whilst tuition fees in Hong Kong are comparatively low, if you consider living, accommodation and inescapable start-up costs then financing your studies abroad might seem tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for international students to secure funding. Let our overview of three key scholarships for