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Italy: Subject Guides - Must read

3 fields to study in Italy

What subjects should you study in Italy? Find out why the country is the perfect location to study the fields of Architecture, Medicine, and Physics and Astronomy.

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If you’re one of those students that know exactly what you want to study, then with the help of our search tool, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect course for you in Italy! However, if you’re like a large number of international students that are not sure what they want to study then you’re not alone! Being uncertain about which path to follow is in fact a common problem among students. We’ve taken a look at three exciting fields to study in Italy to give you some ideas of where to start. What are you waiting for? Get inspired!



Studying architecture in Italy will give you to opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant architects of all time. Italy is saturated with structures that have lasted thousands of years, like the Forum and the Colosseum and some of the most stunningly beautiful churches in the world.


Additionally, the Politecnico di Milano is ranked 14th in the world (QS Rankings) for its undergraduate architecture programme. This university also offers merit-based scholarships for international students. If you are interested in architecture, be sure to check this university out!



More and more Italian universities are choosing to offer medical programmes taught entirely in English, which gives international students the ability to complete a medical degree in Italy. Certain universities, like the Universita degli Studi di Milano, offer a European MD degree which allows graduates to practice medicine all over Europe.


Medical school is often cheaper in Italy, as well, especially when compared to the United States and the United Kingdom. But, even if the Italian tuition fees look a little expensive to you, you can always apply for financial aid and scholarships through private donors and the Italian government.


Physics and Astronomy

When it comes to graduate programmes, Italy is hard to beat. Their long history of innovation in education has left a legacy that other countries cannot compete with. This historic environment, combined with a degree in Physics and Astronomy would put you ahead of your peers when competing for a career. You can boast about your in-depth, research based education at the Sapienza University of Rome, ranked 22nd in the QS World University Rankings, or the University of Pisa, ranked 30th in the world for Physics and Astronomy.