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Benefits studying for a UK qualification in Malaysia

Get UK qualification in Malaysia

Of course, if you have the money, nothing beats a UK study experience. But, all is not lost if you cannot afford it. A UK qualification can be achieved in Malaysia and there are many positives to it!


Quality education on home turf

UK universities are strictly regulated and its qualifications are highly scrutinised to meet rigorous standards.


As the world leader in quality education, the UK has seen the birth of many successful figures due to its uncompromising education performances, hence ensuring the same is delivered to its Malaysian campuses and programmes.


International recognition

A UK education is synonymous to world-class reputation. Its qualification is recognised and respected all over the world. Unlike Malaysian education, a UK degree is also more practical and encourages thinking-skills, something which is lacking in the Malaysian education system.



Research has shown that employers prefer graduates with international experience, particularly ones with a UK degree. The transnational education programme is the answer without breaking the bank.


Whilst Malaysian students may have been often accused of being robots and mere hard-workers, a UK qualification promises to shape practical, problem-solving graduates. This marketable skill is often sought-after by employers. Graduates can expect to work in top multinational companies with better career prospects and higher earning potential.


No sky-high loans

Pursuing a qualification in the home country is always a lot more affordable. There is no high living costs, exorbitant international student tuition fees, flights, visas or student accommodation. Instead of spending RM120,000 per year, students studying locally can expect to pay half of that amount or even much lesser.


Another advantage studying for a UK degree locally is that students will not be bogged by a huge student loan repayment at the end of the course.


Home is where the heart is

True home is family, friends, where you grew up, home comforts that you can’t get anywhere else in the world, such as Mamak at 3 o’clock in the morning or a RM1 packet of nasi lemak.


Studying in Malaysia means there is no need to give up all of those. Not even for a western degree!


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