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A vibrant nation located in the lower tip of South East Asia, Malaysia has recently positioned itself as a global destination of choice for tens of thousands of international students each and every year.  With ambitious goals to position itself as a key player in the world of transnational education, the Malaysian government has invested significantly in promoting Malaysian education to potential students from all over the world.  With ambitions goals and a keen desire to attract the best and brightest to Malaysia, there are many reasons why Malaysia is quickly turning into Asia’s newest educational hub.

Why Malaysia?

Students are drawn to Malaysia for a variety of reasons, including cheaper tuition and an affordable cost of living, unique “twinning” degree programs which allow students to complete their degrees in Malaysia as well as abroad, and the relative safety and security of one of Asia’s most diverse, yet tolerant, societies.    A truly multicultural environment with transnational educational links, Malaysia attracts over 65,000 international students every year.

International Collaborative Degrees

Malaysia was one of the first Asian countries to launch the collaborative degree – an exciting option for international students who wish to obtain a foreign qualification (often UK, US, Australian or Canadian), while studying in Malaysia.  Students who come to Malaysia to study gain a recognized degree for a fraction of the cost of a comparable qualification in the UK, United States, Australia or Singapore.  As an Asian pioneer in promoting the collaborative degree – known colloquially in Malaysia as a “twinning program” - institutions in Malaysia now offer their students new and exciting ways to complete in the international educational space.

Course Structure 

At the undergraduate level, the 2+1 or 3+0 degrees allow prospective students to study in Malaysia (and pay Malaysian tuition fees) while obtaining a foreign degree.  What’s the difference between 2+1 and 3+0 you ask?  While each will allow a student to obtain an international qualification from a foreign institution while living and studying in Malaysia, the 2+1 twinning program allows a student to study for 2 years in Malaysia with the final year in the country of the awarding institution.  

A 3+0 degree is based entirely in Malaysia, but graduates receive foreign qualifications from respected international institutions.   Both of these options are geared towards the prospective student who wishes to earn a globally recognized degree while benefiting from all that life in a vibrant place like Malaysia has to offer.   

University Partnerships

Institutions such as Sunway University have established partnerships with American institutions, such as the Western Michigan University and Australian universities, including Monash and Victoria, respectively.  Significantly, this leader in transnational education also offers a Canadian International Matriculation Programme, whereby pre-university students can earn an Ontario High School Diploma, leading to increased opportunities for tertiary education in Canada and abroad.

Spend Time in Malaysia

While it may seem that a city like Kuala Lumpur is bursting at the seams, Malaysia’s major cities are generally safe and friendly places for international students studying abroad.  When it comes to the cost of living, students who study in Malaysia can expect to pay approx. RM 10,000 per annum (about $3,300 AUD or £2,000) for the year. 

With an accessible foreign degree, a low cost of tuition and living expenses, more and more international students are coming to Malaysia. Choose Asia’s newest educational hub as your study destination - in Malaysia, your education is just the beginning. 

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