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The basics
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Tips to study smart for SPM

study smart

To score straight As in SPM, you’ll need to work hard and study smart. Sounds tough? It really isn’t as difficult as you think it is. Follow some of these simple tips.

#1 Time management

Make a study plan. Some students refuse to draw up a schedule because they think that if they really wanted to study, they’d do it without needing a timetable to tell them what to do. But, a well-thought out study plan will make sure that you get enough rests in between study time. You’ll also be clearer of your targets; when to finish certain chapters and at what point to practise exam papers.

#2 Study smart

Forget about memorising without understanding. Try to understand the concept or topic. When you do that, you’ll find it easier to remember facts. There are students who study blindly and many score doing just that. However, if the exam question changes just a little bit, there’s the danger that you might face difficulties and fail to understand the question.

#3 Organise study groups

This is especially effective when you need a little boost to study. Doing group study with like-minded friends is good as it helps having a banter with one another after an hour long of serious work. It’s all about finding the balance. It’s also good to self study in between as you can catch up on whatever subjects that you’re unsure of.

#4 Practices

Try doing as many trial papers for all the different subjects. You’ll be acclimatised to the style of questions and notice the popular types of questions. Have the answers ready so that you can refer to them too.

#5 Tips and tricks

You can learn many tips and tricks to write better answers from your teachers. In most cases, tuition teachers drill their students with a particular format of writing that would guarantee better results. Try to make sure that you’re enrolled in tuition classes in the beginning of the year. Towards the exam, most tuition places will conduct intensive classes. Take advantage of them.

#6 Think positive

It’s easy to doubt yourself and feel anxious in the days running up to the exam. Keep calm, meditate and tell yourself that you’ve done all you can and you’re prepared. Surround yourself with friends who love motivating each other. Remind yourself what your ambitions are. Are you aiming for a scholarship with good SPM grades? Do you want to get into the world’s top universities? All these will help you work towards your goal.

Good luck!

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