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The basics
Malaysia: Applying to University

Types of UK qualifications in Malaysia

Types of UK qualification in Malaysia

There are various types of UK qualifications, many which offer great flexibility.

Twinning – 1+2, 2+1 / Franchising

The UK institution licences a local institution to teach some or its entire course. Students will receive the award from the UK institution without having to attend classes physically in the UK campus.

For the 1+2 twinning programme, students will study in Malaysia for one year and complete the remaining two years in the UK. Similarly, the 2+1 requires students to study locally for two years and finish the final year in a UK institution.

The outstanding feature for twinning degree programme is that students upon successful completion of the local segment, is guaranteed admission to the overseas partner university.

The same syllabus is taught locally and in the UK, ensuring graduates receive the same standards of education and no struggles to understand taught modules.


Approximate fee: RM60,000-150,000

Duration: 3-4 years (depending on courses)

Entry requirements: SPM, STPM, A-Levels, UEC, Diploma or related


The 3+0 programme is tailored for students who wish to study in the UK but cannot afford to go overseas. It is an extension of the twinning programme and allows students to complete the whole three years in Malaysia. Upon completion, students are awarded with a degree by the UK institution.

The advantages include a significant savings in accommodation and living expenses. However, students who still harbour hopes of studying in the UK can do so for a very short period.

Dual / Joint award

For a dual award, students are awarded two degrees for a single programme, each from the UK and Malaysia institution.

For joint award, the UK institution collaborates with a local Malaysian instutition in delivering a joint syllabus, leading one award conferred by both institutions.

Credit transfer

Students start off studying in a Malaysian institution and accumulate 3-4 credits for every subject. After that, students transfer credits to a UK institution in order to be exempted from taking certain modules. This helps save time and money.

International branch campus

Established by the UK institution in Malaysia, occasionally the local branch campus replicates the UK campus. It encapsulates the teaching, research, academic excellence, development and ambience of the main campus. Students are awarded with a UK qualification which is no different from the UK campus’.

If you would like to understand more about UK Transnational Education and its implications on Malaysian universities and the work sector, read here.

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