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The basics
Malaysia: Applying to University

Working conditions in Malaysia


Many Malaysian students choose to work part time while completing their studies in college or university in Malaysia. Most organisations are keen to employ part time students, but remember, that your first priority is to study and attend lectures. Everything else, should come second.

Internship opportunities

Some courses will require students to complete a few months to a year’s worth of internship with an organisation. In most cases, the role must be related to your field of study. Some institutions will arrange internships for you, while others allow students to actively search for their preferred organisation. The internship is a brilliant opportunity to impress potential employers as many students have successfully gone on to secure full time jobs upon the completion of the internship. However, do not expect to get paid – most interns work for free.

Working while studying

If you wish to work and study at the same time, be sure that your work hours are flexible. Explain to your employers that you might need time off for replacement classes, study time leading up to exams and for other ad hoc college activities. You can work in various fields; from waitressing and bartending to jobs related to your course. Look up JobStreet for job opportunities.

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