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3 apps you and ‘i’ must have

Smartphone apps

Are you a smartphone user? If yes, then you are one of the 7 million users in Malaysia and no doubt, this number is increasing by the day. Nowadays more and more students are now owners of smartphones. Instead of just using it purely for communication purposes, why don’t you make full use of your device(s) by downloading useful apps that can enhance your learning experience and make your student life a less stressful one?

If you are a proud owner of an iPod, iPhone, or an iPad – read on because this will help you. If you are not, don’t fret! Because this article is for you – 3 apps Android users must have


  1. Dictionary.com Dictionary.com


Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Price: Free

Size: 62.4 MB
Latest update: 16 Dec 2012

This app was named a top iPad app for college and university students by U.S. News and World Report. Equipped with more than 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms – there will not be a word which you cannot find in this app. Regardless of what course you’re studying, this app will definitely come in handy.


The best thing about this app is that it works offline for most of its features. Students who don’t subscribe to a mobile data plan can use this app at the convenience of their fingertips, without having to go through the trouble of looking for a Wi-Fi connection.



Dictionary screen1     Dictionary screen2


Speaking of Wi-Fi connections, have you ever wished you had one but just didn’t know where it exactly is? Well, you won’t have to face the same problem anymore with the next app.


  1. Wi-Fi FinderWi-Fi Finder

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Require iOS 3.2 or later.
Price: Free

Size: 4.3 MB
Version: 2.9.2


With its ability to work both online and offline, this app filters Wi-Fi hotspot search results by segregating them into categories like: free vs. paid, provider or location type. More than just telling you where the hotspot is, this app shows you how to get there.


Wi-Fi Finder Screen1  Wi-Fi Finder Screen2  Wi-Fi Finder Screen3


Found a good hotspot? Don’t just keep it to yourself! Users of this app can share Wi-Fi hotspots with their friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.



  1. Evernote Evernote


Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – but designed for iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Price: Free
Size: 25.8 MB

Version: 5.1

Latest update: 6 Dec 2012


This is an all-in-one to app that every student needs. Evernote helps you stay organized, saves the inspirations that you get from the internet, and it definitely improves your level of productivity – not just as a student, but a person as a whole.


Evernote Screen1  Evernote Screen2  Evernote Screen3


There are many functions to this app, but to summarize everything in one paragraph – it’s basically an app where u can create notes, to-do and task lists, record voice reminders, take photos – and clip your favorite articles into your own free-of-charge Evernote account. You can organize your notes according to different categories, and name the notes according to your liking.


This app uses cloud system that helps save your contents and allows you to access into your account regardless of which device you’re using it from – your contents will still be there.  

Do you know any other useful apps?  Why not share with everyone here?


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