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Malaysia: Before you leave

University life is not all about studies or exams …

university student life

“Health is wealth” – this is probably one of the most quoted sayings of all time by people from different age groups, mostly by our parents or grandparents to encourage us to cultivate a good habit of sleeping and waking up early. I’m not a ‘health freak’ or ‘gym addict’. Hence, when I entered into university life, the area in my life which was being neglected most was my health. When you’re in a totally new place, new environment trying to adapt to the campus and hostel, the last thing on your mind would be to exercise. Well, maybe not yours – but it was certainly the last thing on mine!

A couple of months went by without the word ‘exercise’ on your things-to-do list until I was finally more settled down in my new life that I decided to try ‘working out’ in my hostel gym. Here is how it looks like:


hostel gym

Hostel gym

Hostel gym

Hostel gym

            It’s not exactly the best gym in town, but good enough for me to carry out my daily exercises. After just one day of exercise, I could immediately feel the difference. After sweating it out at the gym, my mind was somehow more alert and I felt fresher. I could do my work with more focus and no longer feel as lethargic anymore. But of course this habit of exercising did not come immediately. I had to discipline myself to always make a conscious effort to change into my gym clothes (especially when my bed is just beside my study table), put on my gym shoes, and do warm-ups. In the first couple of weeks the walk to the gym seems like an endless journey. Each step I took I had to debate with myself in my head, “Perhaps I should rest, since I woke up so early today.” Or “Since I’m not even at the gym yet, it is not too late for me to turn back. Besides, I would have walked a decent amount of steps if I turn back now. That is equivalent to 2minutes of cardio.” Believe me; I had to struggle with these ‘evil’ thoughts of mine for quite some time.

            But for the good of my own body and health, I decided to bring my exercising routine to a whole new level. I started jogging at the Varsity Lake in my university – University of Malaya.


Varsity lake


            The Varsity Lake has a jogging track which surrounds a huge lake. During the evening, there will be people kayaking on the lake and doing other recreational activities by the lake. This is definitely something fresh compared to the confined space in the gym. By jogging along the lake, you feel less lonely – really. When you exercise alone, you will have the tendency to give up more easily. But when you exercise together with other people, you will push yourself a little bit more by telling yourself “Come on, if he or she can do it, you can too! One more lap!”

            University life doesn’t just revolve around studies, assignments, presentations and exams. It’s a life of balance. If you are like me last time, it’s time to put on your running shoes and take a jog (or even a walk) at your nearby park! When you exercise, you become healthier and your mind becomes more alert. When your mind is more alert, you study better and understand better. When you understand better, you score better in your exams. And when you score better in your exams, you graduate with a higher grade. It’s a chain reaction, you see. Now, what’s your excuse for not exercising? Start today! 

On a last note, university is a fun place to stay healthy, get qualifications and make real friends. I have found mine, hope you will too.

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