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The basics
Malaysia: Once you arrive

6 things you must do in Malaysia

Malaysia is packed full of exciting attractions, but make sure to set aside time for these 6 beautiful and unique places.



There's no denying that Malaysia is home to some of the most beautiful landscape you might ever lay eyes on. Get out there and soak up some of mother nature with these beautiful sights that are must sees for any personality. 



Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

This impressive theme park in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, spans over 80 acres and is separated into three sections. The first section, Wild Wild West, stars the Grand Canyon Rapid Falls where you ride a trusty tube that swirls around a 350 m river. The Niagra Falls Flume Ride is also a big hit where a log takes passengers down a steep drop into a 260 m long river. The second section is the World of Adventure which features stunning Bengal tigers and the largest collection of scholar rocks in the world. The Lost City of Gold offers a 360-degree rotating pirate ship to its visitors and a beautiful bird’s eye-view from a 428 m suspension bridge. The third section is Waters of Africa, features the Congo Challenge where visitors can race each other across six lanes at speeds of 40 km ph. The Cameroon Climb and African Python tubes are the rides for the thrill-seekers with looming heights and slippery slides. Don’t forget to visit Jeffrey’s Bay, the largest man-made surf pool in the world.

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Penang Hill

From the top of Penang Hill on a clear day you can see the mountains of Langkawi and north Kedah but it is the night time sight of lit-up Georgetown that is especially rewarding. Most people simply go to enjoy the cool, unpolluted air and walk under 30m-high trees along the nature trails. Additionally, over 100 species of birdlife, ranging from ordinary garden species to exotic deep forest inhabitants, call this hillside home. 
The Canopy Walk: this 220m walkway suspended between towering trees 30m above the dense jungle offers great views of the hillside.

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Sky Bridge

The entrance for the Langkawi cable-car, which takes visitors all the way up to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak,  is located in The Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island, near Pantai Kok.

The assent to the top includes three stops where there are observatory decks and some shops at each resting place which are accompanied with beautiful rain forest views.

You’ll want to climb a set of staircases that cuts through a thin forest to reach the observatory deck above at the last stop. Once on the top, you can finally enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding horizon; the island’s landscape, skyline and seas beyond. At the side is a steel bridge suspended across Mount Mat Cincang and a neighbouring mountain. Walking across this bridge is a fantastic experience and offers a different viewpoint of the island and sea towards the north.

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Redang Island

Pulau Redang is a government protected Marine Park, at 7 km long and 6 km wide, it is the largest island. The highest peak is Bukit Besar at 359 metres above sea-level.

There are several trails to explore the rainforest on the island. Going off the beaten track will lead you to scenic hilltops and rocky cliffs that offer panoramic views of the island and sea. Redang’s mangroves are also home to a rich variety of coastal life. Creatures you can see here include crabs, mudskippers, birds, monitors and much more. Deeper within the forest, visitors can glimpse rare orchids and beautiful trees. As it is a small island, only tiny animals such as the mouse deer, monkeys, some bats and jungle rodents can be seen, but it is still worth checking out.

Visitors can come here to learn about marine park conservation besides engaging in their own diving and snorkelling activities. The sea bed around the island holds a magnificent variety of life, including moray eels, giant groupers and clown fish. There is also shipwreck close to the jetty which is perfect for exploration through snorkelling.

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Melaka Historic City

Malacca is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European and sundry influences. Malacca has a laidback atmosphere and lost-in-time feel; stores close early here, traffic goes by at leisurely pace and city life is a languid affair. Between the scattered historic spots are atmospheric Chinese shop fronts and traditional Malay kampongs. Though the state may not boast a white-sand shoreline reminiscent of its East Coast cousins, Malacca is noteworthy for its heritage hotspots. 

When the sun goes down, one of the city’s most popular destinations is the Friday and Saturday Jonker Walk Night Market which plays host to a collection of stalls that sell everything but the kitchen sink. Here you can purchase a variety of trinkets and even sample some of the state’s best-known local fare including fried egg ice cream and fried radish cake. At night the handful of bars along the boulevard become a mini street party with tables oozing beyond the sidewalks and a mix of live music beating throughout the area.

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Kinabalu National Park

Besides playing host to the mighty mountain – also known as Gunung Kinabalu – the Kinabalu National Park is a botanical paradise. Within the dipterocarp forest is an array of habitats supporting lush Borneo flora and fauna – it is home to the world’s largest variety of nepenthes, carnivorous pitcher plant. Most people make a beeline for the summit but the surrounding area is well worth exploring including the Kundasang War Memorial and the Ranau night market.

Once you’ve trekked up the mountain and needless to say, you’ve returned with aching muscles, take the time to soak in the Poring Hot Springs. Part of the Kinabalu National Park, it is one of the most popular weekend retreats for locals. Located some 43 kilometres away from park headquarters and surrounded by natural leafy greenery this manmade attraction is set in the jungle and features concrete pools and tubs with steaming sulphurous waters.

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