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Malaysia: Once you arrive

What’s wrong with the education system in Malaysia

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Malaysians are some of the most hardworking students. Observe a group of international students and you’ll see that it’s normally Malaysians who study late into the night, organise study groups and finish assignments way before the due date. But, why do we still sometimes fail to impress the lecturers compared to students from other countries, or feel inadequate during tutorials? The fault lies with the education system that we’ve grown up in. Here are some of the loopholes - it’s up to students to recognise and try rectify them.


Students memorise everything!

Many students memorise essays and sometimes even a whole book! This is done without fully understanding what they’ve learned. If you’re guilty of this, remember that you’ll probably score in the first few semesters, but, your success won’t last. As you progress further, you’ll be given tougher questions that require deeper analysis and maturity of thought, and when that happens, you won’t be able to regurgitate everything you’ve learned. So, start now and study intelligently – think, analyse and reflect.


Students only focus on exams

The Malaysian education system is very exam-oriented. Students normally just concentrate on scoring in their tests. There’s the misconception that the higher number of As indicate the person’s intelligence. For instance, friends and families often compare to see who has the most As to determine who’s done well. While this is obviously not the correct way to gauge a student’s ability, students in higher institution of learning should change their mindset and remember that their capabilities are not narrowed down to exam papers.


Students are too gullible

Instead of nodding your head and accepting lecturers’ words as gospel, students should question and think more. Critical thinking is important as it will prove to be useful outside of university. It helps you find solutions and come up with creative ideas at the workplace. Textbook knowledge will only take you that far, whereas strong critical thinking skills will take you further and beyond.


Students lack leadership skills

It may sound cliché, but not many students have the qualities of a leader. Many are followers because they’re timid and prefer not to have all that many responsibilities. This attitude will inadvertently affect one’s character as you’ll just end up shying away from major tasks, resulting in a going-with-the-flow attitude and this ultimately, will cost you your career in the future. So, don’t start too late and acquire necessary leadership skills in university.


Poor English

Students may be able to read and write in English, but not many are proficient enough to speak fluently. Bad habits and our environment are factors that contribute towards a student’s inability to speak good English. As such, students should attempt to speak the language in daily conversations, minus the ‘lah’ and ‘loh’. Listening skills are equally important, hence, students must try to watch English movies and avoid reading the subtitles. It’ll prove to be helpful when you work in an international company some day as you won’t be saying excuse me every 5 minutes because you struggle to understand your American boss.


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