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Malaysia: Student Accommodation

Working Part-time in Malaysia

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Studying in a vibrant country like Malaysia is an opportunity to experience different cultures and lifestyle; what better way to do so than to be part of the Malaysian workforce and experience it first-hand? But can an international student work part-time in Malaysia and what are the available options?  Read on to find out more…


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Are international students allowed to work part-time in Malaysia?

Yes! As long as the Student Pass/Visa remains valid, international students are eligible to apply for a Student Work Permit from the Malaysian Immigration Office


2) What is the standard process of submission?

An application must be made through the student’s University or College. 


-          A photocopy of passport

-          Address, contact number and letter from the soon-to-be employer

-          Permission letter from the student’s university or college (includes the dates of semester breaks) 

-          RM120.00 processing fee (non refundable)


The student is required to be present with a representative from the University or College when submitting the application at Malaysian Immigration Office.


3) What criteria will the Malaysian Immigration Office be looking for?

The student’s attendance and academic reports.  

The University or College is required to forward the student’s academic reports every three(3) months, and students who do not attend classes will be reported to the Malaysian Immigration Department. 

The Director General of Immigration Malaysia reserves the right to approve or reject any Non-Malaysian/international student’s application.


4) When can international students begin their part-time work and for how many hours?

During semester breaks or any holiday exceeding 7 days, international students are allowed to do part-time work for not more than 20 hours per week.


5) Where can international students find part-time work?

International students are allowed to work part-time in Hotels, Restaurants, Mini Markets and Petrol Kiosks only. 


Alternatively, ask if there are any on-campus working opportunities (library assistant or lab assistant) available at your university.

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