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3 scholarships in Malaysia for Malaysian students


Studying in Malaysia is cost effective as tuition fees are relatively lower and living costs are cheaper. Students can avoid increasing debts and can apply for local government loans which are payable upon graduation. Malaysian students should consider studying in Malaysia especially since there are so many reputable institutions to choose from.

Host University

Most Malaysian institutions offer a range of scholarships, grants and funding programmes to students who are enrolled on specific study programmes. These scholarships are retrievable on the university’s website, complete with requirements and additional information. You’ll be able to find out how much the award is worth and follow the steps involved in the application process.

External funding

There are a lot of companies that offer scholarships to students. These company-sponsored schemes require students to sign a Bond Agreement, in which they are obliged to work for the company for a set amount of time after the completion of their studies. If you break your bond agreement, then you’ll be required to pay back the liquidated damages incurred. This means that you’ll need to pay an amount of compensation based on how much you will have cost them by breaking the agreement.

One of the well-known companies that offer competitive scholarships is Shell. Students who would like to pursue engineering should check Shell’s website regularly for updates.

Maybank Scholarship Programme

Maybank, a major banking group in Malaysia has so far sponsored over 1,000 students via its scholarship programme.

Depending on your study level, there are two types of available funding. Students completing Foundation or bridging Pre-Degree courses are eligible for category one funding while category two offers financial assistance to students enrolled in Foundation or Undergraduate studies at any Malaysian institution. Both programmes offer access to a number of career preparation and training resources such as workshops and advice as well as opportunities to complete internships and external business assignments.

If you’re interested in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, IT, Economics, Banking, Actuarial, Mathematics, Human Resources, Psychology, Business, Law, Statistics, Investment, Risk Management and Engineering, you can apply for category one funding. There is no restriction on study field for category two funding.

Awards cover tuition fees, laptop costs, accommodation and living costs.

If you’re clearer about your funding options, start searching for courses to study in Malaysia

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