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Malaysia: Student Finances

Be a smart movie-goer! Save time and money

Watching movie in KL

With more than 75 running cinemas through Malaysia, 23 of them are located at the heart of the country – Kuala Lumpur. The only states without a cinema are Perlis, Kelantan and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. (Some fun facts for you!) The largest cinema operator in Malaysia is Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) followed by operators like TGV Cinemas, MBO Cinemas, Lotus Five Star Cinemas (LFS) and Big Cinemas along with other small scale cinema operators.

            If you are studying around Kuala Lumpur and would love to catch a movie with your friends to get away from your routine study life to de-stress, then read on to find out some very useful information!


1.      Download cinema apps

Save yourself time and say goodbye to inconvenience by downloading cinema apps which allow you to check movie listings, show times, book tickets, choose seats, and purchase tickets – all at your fingertips. Here is a recommended app which covers cinemas like GSC, TGV, MBO, Cathay Cineplexes, Lotus Five Star Cinemas and many other theatre, cinema, and cineplex’s operators in Malaysia.

Movie Boleh app  Movie Boleh! Showtimezz@MY

Movie Boleh app descp. 1  MOvie Boleh app descrp. 2  Movie Boleh app descrp. 3  Movie Boleh app descrp. 4

Apple App Store: Click here

Google Play: Click here


2.      Know your stuff!

Did you know that movie tickets are generally cheaper on Wednesdays and tickets will also be cheaper if you show your student ID upon purchase? (Both offers are non-applicable to MBO Subang Parade). Well, now you know! You will be surprised to find the many ways which you can save on movie tickets.

For more price comparisons, click here.

Below is a table comprising of different cinema’s ticket prices separated by different categories like students, kids, early bird, and senior citizen.

Cinema    Seating Non-blockbuster Block- buster (All day) Weekend and Public Holiday Concessionaires
    Before 6pm (RM) After 6pm (RM) RM RM Wednes-  day (RM) Student (RM)
TGV Normal 9 or 10 11 to 12 13 to 14 11 to 12 8 or 9 N/A
Twin 14 or 15 14 or 15 16 or 17 14 or 15 10 to 12 N/A
GSC Normal 7 or 10 8 to 12 ** 10 to 14 5 or 8 6 to 8
Twin 9 to 12 10 to 14 ** 12 to 15 8 to 10 8 to 10
Cathay Cineplex  Damansa- ra Normal 10 to 11 10 to 11 12 10 to 11 9 to 10 6 to 7
Twin 11 to 12 11 to 12 13 11 to 12 10 to 11 N/A
MBO Subang Parade Normal 8 to 9 8 to 10 11 (4 weeks) 12 N/A N/A
Twin 12 12 to 13 13 (4 weeks) 13 N/A N/A
LFS Normal 7 to 11 8 to 11 N/A 8 to 11 6 to 7 6 to 7
Twin 9 to 10 10 to 11 N/A 10 to 12 7 to 10 N/A


**GSC usually charges RM 1 or RM 2 extra for ‘blockbuster’ movies (at their discretion).


Or perhaps you are seeking to give yourself a treat after a long week of studying? Then here is a list of unique cinema experiences which you can reward yourself with.

Cinema Ticket Price (Admits One) Location Features
Beanie Plex at TGV RM38 (per pair) Sunway and Tebrau City The usual seats in the cinema hail are replaced with unique, quirky and comfortable bean bag sofas
GSC Gold Class From RM50 onwards Signature@TheCardens, Midvalley, Pavillion KL, One Utama The cinema hall is equipped with wide and comfortable leather seats, complete with a table for each set and a service call button
GSC Premier Class From RM15 to RM26 Signature@The Gardens, Berjaya Times Square, Gurney Plaza The cinema hall is equipped with comfortable and spacious seats with an attached tray at the sides
Cathay Platinum RM40 Cineleisure Damansara Cathay provides wide and comfortable seats, personalized butler service free wifi and passes to the exclusive platinum lounge and a free beverage


Living in KL, you are definitely spoiled for choice. With all the choices of cinemas, different classes, halls, seats, digital features (2D, 3D, IMAX…etc.), I am sure you can find one that suits your personal taste and budget. 



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