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Funny Money Saving Tips for Student

As students, it’s not uncommon to always be strapped for cash. Since when did Gardenia bread cost RM3.20? Wasn’t it only RM1.20 when you last bought it (yeah like in 2007)? And toilet rolls – aren’t they supposed to be the cheapest household necessity (apart from rice!)? Everything just seems to be a lot more expensive when you have to buy them, and that happens when you go to university!

Lucky for you, the Hotcourses team has come up with some genius ideas on how you can make student life cheaper and more affordable!


1. Swap from store-bought coffees to ready-made 3-in-1s

If you find yourself popping into Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Coffee Bean every day, it’s no wonder you’re getting broke. One large drink could cost you a whopping Rm15-RM20! Switch to the 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 packets and make your own drink at home. Think it’s not cool enough? Serve it in a funky bottle!


2. Shop wholesale

Ok we get it that you don’t have a clothing business. But, it’s worth making that little trip to wholesale shops. Most of them will require you to buy 5 pieces of the same dress (but in different colours), and you can always share it with 4 other friends. If you’ve got a business mind, you’ll sell it to your friends at a profit! What better way to shop and earn some money at the same time!


3. Always ask for a student discount!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! There are loads of student discounts available in clothing shops, restaurants, transport and even haircuts. If there’s none, haggle! You’re a student. It’s your prerogative!


4. Use Skype or Whatsapp

What’s the point of spending hundreds of ringgit every month and putting up with your parents’ constant nagging because they’re mad with the sky high phone bills. Make yours and their lives easier and use Skype or Whatsapp. They’re free and Skype’s cheaper if you need to make overseas or interstate calls.


5. Buy supermarket brands

Really, there’s nothing wrong with them. Instead of buying the organic chicken (we get it, you’re all about health and the environment, but being a student is no place for that!), get the Tescos drumsticks! They’re so much cheaper. Buy your towel and bed sheets from Giant and walk right past Laura Ashley. The expensive ones may look perfect the first few months you’re in university, but when you’ve got friends coming over and hanging out in your bedroom, those pretty sheets will not survive. 


6. Relationships are expensive! Replace with Netflix instead

So you have to take your special half to the movies. If you’re lucky and the movie you want to watch plays on a Wednesday, then you get your special student discounts. If not and if you’re watching the latest movies (your ego won’t let you tell your bf/gf that they’ve got to wait till next week for the special rates), then you’ll find yourself at least RM20 poorer, and that doesn’t include the must-have large popcorn and coke. You’ll be counting yourself lucky if you didn’t have to pay for the ‘lovely, plush couple seat.. because of course, that’s what most couples do! Why not swap expensive relationships with Netflix or other similar online video streaming programmes?


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