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Biomedical Sciences in Malaysia

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Study level: Undergraduate- 4 Years

Further Education and Career Options

Biomedical Sciences is a challenging, yet rewarding field of study and work. Graduates of Biomedical Sciences go on to becoming scientists, researchers, doctors or even pharmacists. So, the degree gives flexibility to its students in terms of the future options in the field of Health and Medicine, as opposed to Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) or Bachelors of Dentistry (BDS) which are both are focused on the practical and technical side of medical practice.

Biomedical Sciences graduates have high proficiency in technical laboratory and research skills. This is why many people opt for careers like those of toxicologists or laboratory technicians. There is a vast scope in research, development and academics for Biomed graduates as they are appropriate for the job roles of haematologists, scientists, immunologist, microbiologist and cytogeneticist. Some students pursue further education and research to achieve their doctorate degrees.

If you decide to become a practicing doctor, dentist or pharmacist later on, you can pursue the MBBS, BDS and MPharm courses after finishing the Bachelors degree. The fact that you would have studied a Bachelors degree will make you outshine the other applicants, which is very important due to the competitiveness of the field of study. This means that being a Biomed graduate you will find something interesting and relevant for your interest and scope, given that you have genuine interest and aptitude for sciences.

Study Options

During four years spent at university studying towards the BSc. degree, you will learn about wide range of science based subjects including microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmaceutical sciences, mathematics and pathology. You will be expected to take a certain number of modules each year, out of which some will be core modules, while you can pick others as majors for your degree.

These modules are assessed by regular tests, practical sessions in the laboratory, examinations, viva/ presentations and coursework. Some of these take place during the term time while others are undertaken at the end of the academic semester. To facilitate the grooming and intellectual enrichment you will be expected to attend lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory training sessions, each of which will prepare you for your assessment material and your career ahead as a health practitioner or researcher. As a part of your curriculum, you might also be expected to undertake an apprenticeship, placement or work experience which will train you for a specific speciality.

Entry Requirements

To be able to meet eligibility criteria for BSc. Biomedical Sciences at a Malaysian University, you must have completed your tertiary education with an A levels or equivalent qualification. You would be required to have taken Chemistry and Biology and sometimes Mathematics as a part of your A-levels subjects. You will also be required to provide evidence for English language proficiency by taking the IELTS or TOEFL exam. Most courses require for you to have achieved a 5.5 out of 9.0 bands or more in IELTS. The precise course requirements and tuition fees can be found out by sending a query to or browsing the website of university you are interest in.

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia is fast becoming a popular study destination, especially among the Muslim students for the high Muslims population and acceptance in the region. Furthermore, the Malaysian universities have worked very hard to provide its students with world class education that will benefit them throughout their lives. To make this education system more competitive, some of the Malaysian universities have formed partnerships with universities in the UK which allows the students to travel and benefit from a wider pool of resources.

 The study experience in Malaysia has more than just academic excellence to offer. Malaysia has beautiful landscapes, beaches and island which one can easily visit from the main cities. It has a rich culture, with warm and welcoming people who will make your study experience memorable!

You can look up courses for BSc. Biomedical Sciences in Malaysia, here. There is also a range of scholarships that are awarded to students wishing to pursue Undergraduate Education in Malaysia that can be browsed, here


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