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GlobalNxt University - Redefining Education in the Modern Era [VIDEO]

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Where lies the future of education? Although nothing can beat the presence of an actual human teacher guiding learners; the way technology is taking over and with student convenience taking priority – online courses are becoming extremely popular. Team Uniguru spoke to Dr. Wing Lam – Vice Chancellor Global Nxt University and gathered information on the online courses offered by GlobalNxt University. This article summarises the thoughts expressed by Dr. Wing Lam.


The ‘Faculty Guide to Online Learning’ is a MOOC developed by GlobalNxt University and hosted on the UW website, which is a repository of top-rated online courses. This particular course was designed to offer other providers of online learning courses the best practices that were gleaned from the experiences of GlobalNxt University over the years. The online courses offered by GlobalNxt are backed up with regular support. Tutors help students with their queries and in real-time online classes the class strength is limited to about 20 students.

What is a MOOC course?

MOOC stands for massive open online course. Essentially any course-ware which is offered online which can be accessed anytime and anywhere by learners over the internet can be called MOOC. These courses can either be free or paid. The difference between a guided online course and a MOOC is that a guided online course offers the dedicated support of a tutor/professor and the student can get his/her doubts clarified.  In a MOOC this is very difficult as at any given time there might be many users going through different modules of the course and a professor won’t be able to offer proper support to students. Even research data shows that the dropout rates in students opting for a MOOC are extremely high. 

Online Courses for International Students:

The online courses offered by GlobalNxt University for international students are – MBA, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and MSc in IT Management. With a primary focus on working professionals who wish to improve their career prospects; these courses are flexible and packed with relevant knowledge bytes.  This year GlobalNxt has plans to launch a Diploma in Business Administration course and an undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration course.  In 2015, GlobalNxt plans to launch a Masters in Education course and courses in communication and media studies as well.
Currently some short-term certificate programmes are also offered. Among these the ‘Women’s Leadership’ programme taught exclusively by women faculty-members to women students is an extremely popular short-term course.

Why Opt for Global Nxt University?

GlobalNxt traces its origins to the company U21 Global that was started in Singapore in 2002. This was a project initiated by the U21 group of universities who contemplated on the future of learning and focused on offering training courses through the online medium. In 2012, based on the invitation of the Malaysian government, GlobalNxt University was set up in Malaysia and now offers degree programs through a unique online global classroom pedagogy. GlobalNxt is a relatively young university and has plans to offer more courses over the next few years.
Backed by excellent technology, exhaustive and well-researched courseware and highly qualified teaching professionals including 75 global doctorate holders – GlobalNxt University offers an unconventional but academically relevant learning alternative for working professionals.    
With online courses gaining popularity among working professionals; it is extremely important that learners choose courses that are professionally accredited and have good quality content and tutor-support. Choose from the list of online courses and pick one that suits your needs.
Originally written by Mahesh Ramani of Uniguru (Part of Hotcourses Ltd.)

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