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Things you should not do before a MUET exam

MUET examinations

In order to know what to do, every student should also know what NOT to do when it comes to preparing for exams. The following tips will give you a clearer idea on what can sabotage good grades.


1. Leave revision until the last minute


Rushed preparation will not only make you stressed, but it also results in a lack of in-depth understanding about your subject. Education is more than just studying for exams, it’s a season in your life where you invest knowledge into your mind the most. We all know that the three-letter word ‘fun’ becomes more attractive especially during the exam period, but we should also know the eight-letter word ‘priority’. Fun is most enjoyable when you know you have spent your time on the right things. 


2. Sleep? What’s sleep?

When it comes to the exam period, sleep is always the last on the list. I mean, time is so precious – every minute counts. “Why should I waste it by sleeping my time away? I do nothing when I sleep anyway. It’s the least productive thing to do.”


That’s the most common and damaging misconception any student can ever adopt. Sleep is important because:


Sleep improves memory

This is crucial because 50% of the time you will be tested on something your lecturer said or something you have read in your textbook – example: facts, figures, statistics, theories…etc.


Sleep prevents illnesses

The last thing you want to do is refrain from sleeping when revising. Sufficient rest boosts your immune system. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be sneezing or coughing away in the exam hall.


Sleep improves your energy level

With sufficient sleep and quality rest time, you won’t feel lethargic as easily. You can prepare for exams with an alert mind. Remember, students who make sure they have enough sleep and rest during revision period are the ones who study smart. Be one of them!


3. Eat all the junk food!

No doubt, they are the tastiest – but not exactly the most nutritious. Just like how the lack of sleep affects your body, consuming too much of junk food may make you feel chronically fatigued and lack the energy you need to revise for your exams. If you don’t want anyone or rather anything to disrupt your revision time, then you should stay away from junk food as much as you can.


Fuel your body engine with nutritious ‘brain’ foods which have been proven to help your brain focus better such as fish, nuts, yogurt, and blueberries. Always keep yourself hydrated, and avoid drinking too much coffee as this can cause you to crash and feel over-tired.


With all these revision and exam ‘don’ts’ you are now more than ready to kick start your preparation for your upcoming MUET examination. 


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