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How to score MUET band 6

Wondering how to score band 6 in MUET? We tell you all you need to know.

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Follow some of these easy and simple MUET exam tips to score Band 6. Prep yourself by practicing some of the widely available exam papers, get acquainted with question structures and read our all important tips and recommendations.


1. Reading

If you are ambitious and hope to achieve the highest band, then you need to start doing a lot of reading. Whether it’s information on general knowledge, novels or the news, any form of reading will help you tremendously. Your sources could be newspapers, magazines, books, journals or even texts. This is a brilliant way to increase your vocabulary and will enable you to structure better sentences without any grammatical errors. Need more tips? We have a comprehensive guide to the MUET with everything you need to know.


2. Listening

This is the one time you can feel less guilty about watching the TV and blasting your radio while trying to study. Listening is an important component that you’d need to master and many students fail to do well in the listening test. Watch TV without the subtitles so that you can learn to grasp what’s being said. If you can summarise the meaning and tell the gist of the story, then you know that you’re ready for the listening paper. 


3. Speaking

Many students find the speaking paper difficult. Although English is widely spoken in Malaysia, we’re all so used to Malaysian-English that not adding a ‘lah’ or a ‘loh’ in a sentence makes it tricky to get the message across. To get yourself accustomed to speaking good, proper English, train yourself even when you’re having a normal conversation with friends and family. This will increase your confidence and ensure that you communicate smoothly. When you can do this without thinking too hard, you’ll have less things to worry about during the exam, even when you’re feeling a little nervous. Do you know that you are required to interact with three other students for this test? Don't worry we have MUET speaking test guide and tips for you!


4. Writing

Look at past year questions to practice your writing skills within the allocated time. Constant practice will help you to express your thoughts, views, ideas and comments. Check out our exclusive MUET essay writing test guide and tips. We also have MUET report writing and sample.


Additional tips

  • Get yourself familiarised with the format of the exam, such as the different parts and the types of question
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Dress appropriately for your MUET exam. You’ll either wear your school uniform or formal attire if you’re taking it privately


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