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SPM Tips: Chemistry paper

SPM chemistry

To score in your SPM Chemistry paper, you’ll have to follow some simple rules – master the basic concepts, memorise important facts and processes and practise last years’ SPM and trial papers. Find out how you can do all these below.

Master basic but important concepts

You must know how to write the correct chemical equation, be well-versed in simple calculations and understand basic chemical concepts like the Mole Concept. It’s important to master all calculations. Read reference books or seek help from your tuition teacher if you have problems.

Memorise important facts and processes

Memorise the colours of chemical substances and understand the salt preparation process. But before you memorise them, make sure you understand each concept and fact. This will make memorising easier. Learning Chemistry the right way will make the subject a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

Practice past years’ SPM papers

Often, past years’ questions will repeat from time to time. This is no secret. To make the fullest advantage of this, practise on all the previous Chemistry papers. Try every question, learn from your mistakes, find out how marks are allocated and what keywords you should use to gain full marks. Learning the essay marking scheme is an effective method to score in your Chemistry paper.

Practise trial papers

Try to get the other states’ SPM trial papers and work on them. If possible, get hold of Maktab Rendah Sains Mara’s SPM trial paper. Exchange these trial papers with friends who study in different states or check out some educational websites. Alternatively, your tuition teacher would probably have secured some of these papers.

Hopefully all these tips are helpful! Good luck!

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