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Study Art in Malaysia

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According to Wikipedia, Art is most often refer to painting, film, photography, sculpture and other visual media as well as music, theatre, dance, literature and interactive media (the arts).  But if you are more persuaded by Elbert Hubbard’s quote – “Art is not a thing; it is a way”, then perhaps one good way is to study Art in Malaysia.

There are many universities and colleges in Malaysia that offer a wide range of art courses. Here are some of the more popular choices from the well-known institutions in Malaysia and we have outlined a brief description for each course to help you pick the right course:



Certificate in Creative Design

This programme serves as a great foundation for students to develop manual and computer-based skills in creative design.

Certificate in Music

A musical foundation that provides the basic comprehension of music theory, aural and sight-reading skills, score reading, choral and practical techniques and etc.

Executive Diploma in Graphic Design

This programme offers students a strong foundation in the field of graphic and multimedia design. Students are able to learn photography techniques, digital audio and video editing, sound and visual as well as web designs, just to name a few.



Foundation Studies in Illustration

This course focuses on illustrations, the fundamental elements and principles of all artistic expressions.

Foundation Studies in Fine Art

This course focuses on Fine Art, the fundamental elements and principles of all artistic expressions.

Diploma in Illustration (+ Graphic & Multimedia Design)

Modules include Fundamentals of Art & Design, Creative Illustration, Architectural and  Advertising Illustration, Graphic Design 1-3, Photography, Digital Imaging etc.

Diploma in Fine Art

This course offers intensive training and in-depth studies in drawing, painting, printmaking, figure drawing and non-traditional experimental projects.



Diploma in Performing Arts, Theatre plus Film Curriculum

This programme covers theatre and audio-visual production as well as hands-on and insightful academic classes.

Diploma in Fine Art

This programme explores various mediums such as painting, printmaking, sculpture and digital art.

Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design

This programme offers liberal, theoretical and design studies in the field of graphic and multimedia design.



B.M.M (Hons) Computer and Digital Art

This programme incorporates film-making concepts with animation skills, 3D animation and the latest video technology.

Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Films and Animation

This programme introduces both the science and the art components of multimedia, including various computer animation, modelling and digital art techniques.



Bachelor Degree of Malay Studies (Malay Arts)

This programme focuses on Malay Arts and offers an in-depth study of the Malay Culture and Language.

Master of Arts (by Research)

This programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach and a variety of perspectives for observing, analyzing and addressing issues with regards to arts and social sciences.

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Arts

This programme focuses on visual arts, which include Asian Art History, Malaysian Art, and Visual Arts in relation to drama and theatre.


Note: All the above courses approved by The Ministry of Higher Education.

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