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What would you like to study after STPM?

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Congratulations on receiving your STPM results! Whilst the celebration may have settled down a little now that it’s been a week since you last got your results, reality’s setting in and the question remains – what’s your next step? Depending on what your interests are, we’ve listed some of the popular courses you can pursue after STPM.


Love science?

If you’re interested in science and chemistry, why not consider petroleum engineering? That’s where the big money is. Alternatively, consider chemical engineering, food science and nutrition or pharmacy.


Those keen on biology will naturally go for medicine. Popular amongst Malaysian students with a guarantee that you’ll secure a job upon graduation, medicine is an obvious top choice. Nursing will be suitable for you if you’ve got a friendly disposition as a nursing career can test your patience. However, if you’d love to be at the forefront of groundbreaking research, consider biotechnology.


Can’t live without figures or logic?

Go for courses that revolve around maths and physics if you need to see sense in everything you do. From organisational to logical thinking, students with qualities like these will find engineering degrees right up their street. Mechanical, civil and electrical & electronic engineering are favourites amongst students. If you’d like to explore something different and combine engineering with cars, check out automotive engineering. You can also find a lot of job opportunities in telecommunication engineering and mechatronic engineering.


A complete math whizz?

If you live, breathe, eat and sleep maths, then enter the world of actuarial science. Other areas that may be of interest include finance, accounting, information technology and software engineering. No doubt these industries will pay you very well.


Got a creative streak?

Those with a creative flair and love building designs, history and art will find a wide range of courses available. From interior design and product design to advertising and game design, your choices are far and wide. It’s also a well-known fact that not many creative people are keen on maths, so no worries there. Consider degrees in media studies, mass communications, public relations, marketing, hospitality and tourism management. These courses involve a lot of strategic thinking and creative ideas, perfect for those who appreciate clever marketing campaigns like Share a Coke.


Food fanatic?

Do you idolise Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver? Whether it’s a love for all things sweet and fluffy (we’re talking about pastries and cakes) or inventive menus like Heston Blumenthall’s, culinary arts is a great course to satisfy your gastronomic appetite. Specialise in cuisines like Italian, French, Western, Asian, Chinese, Korean and loads more. Or, combine chemistry with culinary arts and go into molecular gastronomy.

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