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Advantages of Studying Abroad in the Netherlands

Some great reasons to consider the Netherlands as the country for your study abroad journey.

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Are you thinking of canals, green meadows, tulips or windmills? By choosing to study abroad in the Netherlands, you are on your way to experience a series of exhilarating events as well as obtaining high-quality education.  Here are some of the advantages:


Outstanding education and research

Through a national system of regulation and quality assurance, The Netherlands offers excellent education that is recognized worldwide, and Dutch international scientific research is placed at the very top ranks. Furthermore, there are about 1,300 international study programmes and courses that are taught entirely in English, allowing international students to feel right at home.  Most of the programmes may also include real work placement, team projects, guest lectures and cases from the work field.


The gateway to Europe

Nested between France, England and Germany, the Netherlands is a multicultural society at the heart of Europe. Many European capitals are within easy each: Paris, Madrid or Berlin is just a short flight away from Amsterdam, and Brussels is just two hours by train! As a result, the Dutch universities are most ideal for those who enjoy travelling and soaking up different cultures while studying abroad.  Moreover, nearly every household can receive TV programming from neighbouring countries, what a bonus!


More affordable study costs

As compared to other European countries, the Netherlands is a popular choice for students with a tighter budget as it offers lower tuition fees and moderate living expenses.  It is also relatively easier to obtain an entry visa.


Internationalism at its best

Embracing the modern and the traditional, the Netherlands is open to people from various cultural backgrounds, countries and continents. Other than Dutch, German and French, about 87% of the population in the Netherlands speaks English, making it easy for international students to communicate and express themselves. The Netherlands is also the first non-English speaking country to teach in English. With over 100 nationalities, studying and teaching in this country, the Netherlands is connected to the world while still preserving its own unique history and culture.


Did you know?

The higher education system in the Netherlands consists of two types:

  • Universities (universiteiten) - More on research and teaching from an academic point of view.
  • Universities of Professional Education (hogescholen) – Aims to prepare students more directly for the workplace.

Home to 19,100 kilometers of bicycle paths and lanes, the Netherlands is the perfect paradise for those who enjoy cycling within the embrace of nature and historical buildings. According to the Netherlands Tourist Board, the country’s 16 million people own approximately 13 million bicycles so expect to see more bikes than buses and trains!


Excited and can’t wait to study abroad in the Netherlands? Start by choosing a course or a study level by clicking here today.  

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