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THE Netherlands: Destination Guides

City Focus: Amsterdam

Amsterdam being the capital and the most populated city of Netherlands attracts thousands of students from all over the world.

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Amsterdam being the Capital and the most populated city of Netherlands attracts thousands of students from all over the world. This is why Amsterdam is a culturally diverse and rich place to be where people from all over the world live and study in harmony. This enables students to learn beyond their academics by understanding different cultures and developing themselves into individuals who can prosper in different kinds of environments, especially in global contemporary organisations. Amsterdam also appeals to students for its high standards in education, wide range of options for extra-curricular activities and an exciting social life.



Amsterdam draws thousands of students from over the globe due to its well-developed higher education system and prestigious institutions like University of Amsterdam and Vu University Amsterdam. With two universities in world top 200 universities and Amsterdam’s Institute of Social History being one of the world’s largest documentary and research institute gives Amsterdam recognition in global research and development sector. Also, these institutions have wide range of resources which gives students and researchers particularly in social sciences opportunity to gain profound knowledge in their subjects of interest.


Amsterdam offers students more than just education and gives students opportunity to work in relevant fields of work while and after studying. This can help you emerge as a well-rounded and aware professional.



Amsterdam is an exciting place for students to be as they can choose from wide range of activities ranging from visiting museums, live music performances, performing arts theatre, ice skating, cultural festivals, sports and the vibrant night life.


Some of the well-known places to visit for these activities in Amsterdam Include Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Huis, Heineken Music Hall, Royal Theatre Carre, and Rembrandtplein. Also with festivals all around the year students get to experience different cultures and meet new people. Being in the heart of Europe also means traveling is easy, cheap and fun!



Transport system in Amsterdam is well regulated and managed strictly by the government. The government puts emphasis on cheap and convenient provision of public transport and discourages driving due to environmental concerns, which is why car-pooling is popular among the drivers. Some of the public transport is free of charge like ferries.


With a well-developed and reasonably priced public transport system Amsterdam has been able to achieve a huge 60% of people using public means as primary transport. This is great news for students in Amsterdam as exploring the city cannot be any easier.


Image Source: Telegraph

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