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The basics
THE Netherlands: Destination Guides - Must read

Getting around Holland

Our guide for international students on the best ways to travel around the Netherlands.

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Holland is situated in the west of Europe, bordering Belgium and Germany. The country’s close proximity to the rest of Europe makes it an exciting study destination; you’ll have ample opportunity to explore neighbouring countries, as it only takes a short rail journey or flight to access the rest of Europe.



It’s relatively easy to get around – why not follow the Dutch lead and invest in a bicycle? You’ll soon discover that most Dutch people own a bicycle and that a large percentage of the population regularly cycles to and from work. It’s a great way to orientate yourself on arrival and it’s an inexpensive way to travel around your chosen town or city. If you decide to study in Amsterdam, then a bicycle is a must.


Train travel

As Holland is a relatively small country, it doesn’t take long to explore by train. There is a 40% off-peak discount scheme, which can save you money on train travel if you plan your journey outside of peak commuter hours. More information can be on the Nederlandse Spoorwegen site: www.ns.nl


Coach travel

If you’re looking for cheap student travel options, then it’s worth exploring Holland and neighbouring European countries by coach. It can take a bit longer, but it’s cheaper than the train. Eurolines connects over 400 destinations in Europe and the Eurolines website is a great place to book inexpensive journeys: www.eurolines.nl


Air travel

Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is one of the world’s busiest. It’s located just outside of Amsterdam city, near Amsterdam Central Train Station. You can often secure low-cost flights from Schiphol to the rest of Europe, and connect with other international destinations. Visit www.schiphol.nl.