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Becoming a Business Innovator with Inholland University

Learn how Inholland University’s International Business Innovation Studies programme can help turn you from “ideas” guy, into a true innovator in Business.

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It can be hard to be an innovator in a particular field. Most come up with ideas which are impractical or simply rehashes of inferior versions which already exist.


If you see yourself one day turning an industry upside down and reinvigorating how things are done, Inholland University’s International Business Innovation Studies programme is the perfect step forward....


How Inholland can help you become an innovator:

Inholland University’s International Business Innovation Studies programme is aimed at grooming the big thinkers of tomorrow. If you think you could change the world through a product or service which evolves how we behave as a species, this is the course for you.


You'll go further so you're not simply an "ideas machine", throwing out concepts which simply aren't practical in the real world. The programme covers all aspects of Business Innovation, from original conception, through design and execution, all the way to evaluation:

  • Defining trends and developments, problems, issues, opportunities, necessary changes;
  • Designing value-adding solutions that meet the end users' needs (e.g. concepts, strategies, products, services, processes);
  • Executing / implementing business cases, plans, ideas, solutions and performing tasks and activities derived from the business case and plans (marketing, sales, HR, purchasing, finance, etc.);
  • Evaluating, measuring and monitoring performance and execution?


Therefore, you can make an actual change with innovations that come to life.


What you get:

Plus, once you have completed the course, you'll walk away with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration which is recognised internationally. You can transition in to any Business-related master's programme if you choose to study further; or if you want to go straight into graduate employment, you'll stand out from others as a young, enthusiastic thinker (and doer), clearly eager to bring new ideas to a company.


And here’s 3 innovators to inspire you:

Observe what those in our list of top innovators, across various fields, did to become icons in their industries:


Steve Jobs (Apple) – White Earphones

Music players are usually kept in a user’s pocket, so how can it be easily identified in public and seen as the “It” product? Look at what is visible instead i.e. the headphones.


Before the iPod changed how we bought, listened to and stored music, earphones were usually black. Apple's white earphones - to match their other white computer products - made the earphones, and the iPod they were attached to, a fashion statement.


Lesson to learn: Do one thing really, really well and make it your niche or the quality which you’re known for.


Jeff Bezos (Amazon) – Changing Consumer Patterns

Before we looked to it for all our e-commerce needs, Amazon primarily sold books. To do our shopping, we actually had to leave the house! While Amazon retains a strong student userbase looking for a good deal on books, the site has now branched out to include almost everything: DVDs, CDs, household items, furniture, MP3 downloads, accessories, technology etc. If you need to buy something today, most people's first stop is Amazon.


Amazon has helped make e-commerce more generally accepted and trusted, especially amongst the older generation who were previously accustomed to physically going to a shop, dealing with a sales assistant etc. Through apps, Paypal, excellent customer service, friendly interfaces and now even drones, Amazon is continuing to innovate how we purchase items.


Lesson to learn: Don’t limit your ideas; think bigger and better!


Marrisa Mayer (Yahoo!) – Women in Technology

Mayer is leading the charge for women in the field of Technology. We used to think of Technology as a bit of a boys’ club. When we think of the entrepreneurs in this area, we tend to imagine the classic "nerdy guy" (glass-bottle glasses, bad fashion etc.) sat beside the early incarnation of his famous creation while still in college. That image is slowly changing.


Mayer, the first female engineer at Google, has gone on to become CEO at rival Yahoo!, shaping how we search online – 50% of internet users are women after all! Hopefully, we'll be seeing more women move into these leading roles in years to come.


Lesson to learn: The image of an innovator is always changing so don't worry if you struggle to find someone just like you to look up to.


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