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Best creative industries to study in the Netherlands

Want to study in the Netherlands? Consider their creative industries in our guide below.

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A place filled with astounding natural beauty, majestic architecture and wonderful people, there are so many things to love about the Netherlands. It’s not surprising that this country is popular among international students. Boasting highly-ranked, prestigious universities and a welcoming attitude towards international students, the country is one of the best places for you to pursue your study abroad education.


But what are some of the best creative subjects you should consider studying? We’ve summed them up for you here.




Milan, Paris and even New York aren’t the only cities well-known for their fashion industry. The Netherlands has many successful international brands such as Sandwich, JustB and G-Star. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), in 2009, there were 4670 designers within various design fields such as fashion, interior, furniture and graphic design.




The Dutch architecture industry is the fifth largest in Europe. Blending old and new in unique and interesting ways, the Dutch are heralded as one of the leaders in the architecture field. Various home-grown companies have been sought after all over the world to build well-known projects, such as Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and architectural firm West8. Universities with strong architectural programmes include Delft and Eindhoven.


Dutch design is a term used to describe the quirk, out-of-the-box thinking displayed in Dutch products, seamlessly incorporating creativity together with innovative technology. This can be seen in anything that the Dutch design, from cars to furniture, fashion and even daily appliances. Many local companies get chosen to design products from all across the globe. In 2013, the Dutch creative sector boasted 130,550 companies, this is 10% of the total companies in the country! Professionals in this field have also made a name for themselves internationally, such as illustrator Dick Bruna and fashion designers, Viktor & Rolf.


Online gaming


According to the Dutch government website Holland Trade and Invest, the country’s online gaming industry has expanded considerably, with the number of people employed within the industry doubling. Dutch universities have created various courses and curriculum to meet the demand of this burgeoning industry. NHTV Breda offers a Bachelor of Arts in International Games Architecture and Design (IGAD) with specialisations in Visual Art, Programming, Design and Production and Indie Game Development. The institute is also Sony’s official partner and a member of the PlayStation First Academic Partnership Programme.  This means that their students get to develop games for the different PlayStation platforms, how cool is that! Spil Games is largest online game platform, and many other Dutch companies are dominating this global industry.


Taking a degree in any of these fields means you’re well-prepared to launch your career in the Netherlands. Most university programmes in the country come with a compulsory industry placement module, so this guarantees you a valuable opportunity to get first-hand industry experience and form contacts that might lead to your first job! A Dutch degree is also recognised globally.


Furthermore, Dutch companies emphasize employee engagement, many expats working in the country have likened their working culture as that of a group of friends having fun, managers are approachable and your ideas are heard.


Start searching for degrees in Netherlands now. Good luck!

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