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Finding a graduate career in New Zealand for Malaysians

work in NZ after graduation

New Zealand is a great place to study and it’s also an attractive place for Malaysians who wish to stay back and gain some work experience. With the right professional qualification, New Zealand’s competitive economy and vast employment opportunities have seen Malaysians making the transition from life as a graduate to a working professional.


What’s the graduate market like?

Around one third of employers in New Zealand said they were expecting to take on new staff every year. Business confidence is high and unemployment is at 6.2%, and over 100,000 new jobs are set to be created by 2016.


There is a list of nationwide skill shortages and a list of specific needs for certain professions. These areas are directly relevant to graduates of Teaching, ICT and Electronics, Construction, Agriculture and Forestry, Science and Telecommunications. Regions with the lowest unemployment are Canterbury at 3.4% and Otago at 4.2%.


Can I stay in New Zealand?

If you’d like to remain in New Zealand after the completion of your studies, you need to apply for a post-study work visa. This visa comes in two types: a post-study work visa (open) and a post-study work visa (employer assisted).


A post-study work visa (open) is for students who do not already have a job, but are looking for employment in a field directly related to their studies. You may remain in New Zealand for up to a year whilst you try to find one, and are allowed to undertake any other kind of employment to support yourself in the meantime.


Once you have secured employment, you need to get a post-study visa (employer assisted). You’ll be allowed to stay in New Zealand for a further two years of three, if your job requires you to complete some kind of work experience as part of a professional registration programme. Students who have already secured a job prior to graduation can apply directly for this visa.


To apply, download and complete relevant forms from the immigration New Zealand website and collect relevant supporting documents and fees before sending your complete application to the relevant immigration office.


How can I find a job?

Recruitment agencies are a key resource for businesses and employers. Consider uploading your CV and registering with a few agencies when looking for a job. Most of the time it’s free and you will be notified when there are positions open that match your job searchers. Use search engines like Working in New Zealand, or Look up newspaper classified ads, job boards and follow updates from companies as they might have new vacancies.


Can my university help?

Many universities have their dedicated career advisors and career services that will help you look for graduate employment. You will be given advice on building your CV, direction in contacting employers and furnished with information on career fairs.


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