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New Zealand announces new postgraduate scholarships

New Postgraduate scholarship options for Indian students in New Zealand

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Education New Zealand (ENZ) will offer 15 new scholarship programmes to students from India looking to study at Postgraduate level in Christchurch. 


The scholarships, awarded in collaboration with Christchurch Educated and Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC), will be available to students in fields that address specific skill shortages in areas of Construction, IT, Engineering and Science. The awards also seek to promote Christchurch as a key study, work and travel destination.


The shortages are directly tied to rebuilding and development projects following the 2010 earthquakes that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. The most violent quake, on February 22, 2011 killed 181 people, with aftershocks continuing into 2012.


Affecting an economic boom, a total of NZ$30 (US$ 25.7) billion has been invested in rebuilding the city, with the unprecedented scale of construction creating crucial need for more workers with specific knowledge and skill sets. The complete redevelopment projects are likely to cost around NZ$40 (US$34.3) billion: almost 20% of New Zealand’s annual GDP.


After completing their studies in Christchurch, scholarship holders will have the opportunity to complete internships or secure employment within companies and sectors set to grow.


‘The scholarship will not only provide skill specific education to students, but will also give them an opportunity to work on completion of their studies,’ Regional ENZ Director for South Asia told India Times.


David Shearer, workforce manager of the CDC has similarly outlined the exciting career prospects for students beneath the scheme. As well as growing demand to fill positions within larger bodies, a number of smaller, community and private organisations have popped up in response to new building strategies and needs.


International students form a statistically significant part of the nation’s skilled migrants, with India the nation’s largest source country. In 2012, 38% of skilled migrants to New Zealand were former international students.


With immigration levels to New Zealand looking to hit the 40,000 per year mark, job and economic prospects will continue to flourish. Around one third of New Zealand employers indicated that they were expecting to take on new staff in 2014, whilst over 100,000 new jobs are predicted to be created by 2016. At a cool 3.4%, Canterbury sports the lowest national unemployment rate.


Valued at NZ$10,000 (US$8,570) each, candidates must apply for funding by May 16 for a start in either August 2014, or March 2015. Participating universities include the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.


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