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New Zealand: Latest News

New Zealand to invest in marketing to international students

New Zealand will be aiming to attract more international students thanks to new funding. Find out more, including what aspects they might choose to highlight.

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New Zealand will be committing $30m to further market the country as a destination for students from abroad.


In an announcement by the Tertiary Education Minister, the new drive will look at growing new partnerships around the world, advertising opportunities and scholarships for students who might not be able to afford education at home – a rising issue in countries like the UK, where tuition fees have risen.


While Australia is considered a popular destination for Asian students – a reputation which continues to grow – New Zealand has acknowledged that there is still untapped potential. Despite boasting many positives as a study destination, there is still room for improvement on the 100,000 currently enrolled international students who generate $2 billion for the economy.


Hopefully this campaign will get more people as excited about studying in New Zealand as we are. To help the marketing team along, we thought we would list three places they could start:


Fewer choices = Good

New Zealand has just eight universities, which some might consider a negative when comparing to other countries. However, for those who are a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, having a smaller range to choose from can be a lot easier to comprehend. All these institutions are just as prestigious and provide just as many qualifications as you would find elsewhere. This way, it can be easier to find what you’re looking for.



There’s a reason why New Zealand has exploded in the world of Film as a shooting location. The country offers an array of glorious landscapes and sceneries which have wowed audiences of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. And as a student, this can be the backdrop to your studies! In between terms, you can plan a trip across the country and visit these awe-inspiring spots, for a lot less than if you were travelling from abroad. You’re sure to make friends and family back home incredibly jealous when they see your photos on Facebook!



New Zealand has a strong sporting tradition, and this may very well include a few you wouldn’t normally be exposed to in your home country like cricket and rugby. Rules can be learned, so match your ability in sports you already play, with those unique to NZ. Sports are a popular form of extra-curricular activity at university, and are encouraged as they make you a more interesting student, prospective employee and person. They can also introduce you to new circles of friends, where you can establish close bonds.


Find out more about why you should study in New Zealand.