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Why applying to New Zealand universities is smooth sailing

Recent research by Hotcourses shows that New Zealand institutions have the best response rates to international student enquiries.

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A recent piece of research by Hotcourses Abroad (i.e. us!) has shown the range in response rates between different countries, when students enquire about studying there.


This research was good news for New Zealand universities as they continue to grow in attracting international students. Results indicate that their institutions are the most reliable when it comes to responding, compared to historically-popular destinations like the UK and the US. The survey also covered institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. A third of responses were within 24 hours, likely from international offices keen to woo the millions of students who seek a qualification overseas each year.


This research was conducted over a one month period, with student enquiries sent from our network of local language sites – from Thailand to Russia – to over 400 universities. Enquiries were sent through “secret shopper”-style email addresses, replicating the exact type of enquiries which Hotcourses Abroad users send out every day.


Furthermore, just 1/3rd (approx) of responses were tailored to the initial student enquiry, as opposed to simply linking to a resource on the institution’s website or giving a general response.


‘We know from our research with students that they are more likely to apply to universities that respond quickly and with a personalised response,’ said Mike Elms, CEO of Hotcourses.  ‘Simply re-directing students to the university website is unlikely to encourage them to apply or engage further.’


Results of university responses to international student enquiries


We work closely with universities to deliver international students the highest service. An example of this includes a new tool we have developed, which has been adopted by several international offices around the world; the tool helps international offices process enquiries quickly and more efficiently, so they can spend more time on responding to you, the student.


Remember: You can enquire to universities directly through us at any time. Ask an institution the question which will make or break whether you decide to apply there - what scholarships do they offer to students from your country, or what placement opportunities are there on your desired course? Search for courses now and see what’s out there!


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