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3 scholarships in New Zealand for Malaysians


New Zealand’s striking green hills and lively student culture are enough reasons to attract students to study there. While the country is popular among Malaysian students, tuition fees and living costs can be quite steep, making it impossible for many to realise their dreams of studying abroad. However, there are many scholarship and funding options available for international students. Get clued up with our guide below.

Funding Bodies


There are a limited number of scholarships available from the New Zealand government and you will need to apply for them through your host university. Scholarships are offered based on either your home country or specific study area and sometimes have specific admission requirements. The New Zealand Ministry of Education website has a scholarship search engine you can use to search for funding that provides details of selection criteria, scholarship value and application advice.

Host University

Most scholarship options in New Zealand are offered through a specific university, and are always retrievable in full through their website. Go to your university as your first stop in researching for funding, as their scholarships are tailored specifically to their own study programmes and student needs. Remember – thousands of international students come to study in New Zealand every year, and your host will be prepared to cater to the needs of international students.

External Funding

Awards from external companies and funding bodies are often harder to come across, but there are still a few out there. Check out an organisation’s website to see if they offer funding. Normally, companies prefer students within a specific area of study that relates to the work they do. Look up the New Zealand universities and government on the CareersNZ website.


New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards

Funded by the New Zealand government, this award is an international development initiative open to Postgraduate students from Southeast Asia who intend to use the knowledge gleaned from study to promote development in their home country. Students from Malaysia are encouraged to apply.

All students must hold a Bachelor degree in a field related to the Postgraduate programme they will undertake in New Zealand, a minimum IELTS result of 6.5 overall (with no score lower than 6 across any band) and meet the specific entrance requirements of their host institution.

Scholarships may be 1-4 years in length and will cover your complete tuition fees, travel, medical insurance and academic support. Exact amounts will depend on your circumstance.


Now that you’re clearer about your funding options, kick-start your New Zealand education and browse for courses.

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