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New Zealand: Subject Guides

New Zealand – a great place to study and explore science

New Zealand is a popular study destination for science students. Find out more...

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New Zealand is a popular study destination for those pursuing science qualifications. From biology and physics to medicine, New Zealand universities offer a wide range of high quality science courses. We’ve put together some of the top reasons science students will find New Zealand a great place for learning.  


Top study environment

New Zealand is well-known for its world class universities, high quality of life, diverse communities, vibrant cities and stunning natural scenery. All these make the country a conducive place for education and with science being one of the toughest subjects to study, having that balance are important. 


Volcano study

The volcanoes in New Zealand are responsible for the country’s geographical features, particularly in the North Island and the country’s outlying islands. Whilst the country has experienced large explosive eruptions, leaving long-lasting effects on landscapes, this makes the country an interesting place to study geology. Learn more about the Kermadec Islands’ active volcanic island arc or the basaltic Auckland Volcanic Field.


Perfect place to study earth or environmental science

New Zealand encapsulates in a small physical space some of the most spectacular sceneries in the world. It is home to a wide range of climates, land forms and ecosystems, has thousands of kilometres of coastlines and a preferred stepping-off point for Antarctic environment study. Students pursuing environmental sciences will find that the country has a lot to offer.


Well integrated science community

Because the population of New Zealand is small by world standards, the science community is also relatively small and well integrated, and very open and inclusive. Studying science in New Zealand gives students easy access to leading researches in a wide range of fields. New Zealand scientists are well-connected to international networks and science programmes, giving students the opportunity to work with multi-institutional and multidisciplinary teams in many areas.


Wide range of science qualifications

There is a wide choice of science diplomas, degrees and postgraduates available. The major universities in New Zealand normally have campuses spread across the country, so students can choose to study in various venues.


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