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'How difficult is it to get a New Zealand student visa?' [VIDEO]

Learn how difficult it is to get a New Zealand student visa

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Find out how difficult it is to get a student visa when studying abroad in New Zealand. We spoke to Alexandra from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, about what is required to get a student visa and what her department does to help international students with their immigration issues.


Watch the video below from our Google Hangout with the University of Waikato (there’s also a quick summary after the video).


  • Pilot — Learn about the new process underway in helping students secure their visas faster
  • On-site — Learn how you can renew your visa once you arrive in New Zealand
  • Visa application centre — Find out how you can look up your nearest student immigration centre, and how they can help you apply for your visa
  • Documents — Find out which documents are required to lodge a successful visa application, and how long it takes for your visa to be processed
  • Cost — Find out how much a New Zealand student visa costs


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