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Post-study visa options in New Zealand

post study work visa New Zealand

When you have completed your studies, you may find that you don’t want to leave New Zealand, and instead wish to remain there to live – it’s a beautiful place to live after all. This requires finding employment however when applying for a new visa as a graduate. Take a look below at the options available to you:


I have graduated but do not have a job offer....

You can apply for a Graduate Job Search Work Visa. This will cover you for a maximum of twelve months only, which will give you more than enough time (hopefully) to find employment. You will need to apply for this no more less than three months before the end of your student visa (or six months for those with Doctoral degrees). You must also have a certain amount of money to support yourself (NZ$4,200) in this period.


I have now found a job, or I have graduated and have a job offer....

You can apply for a Graduate Work Experience Visa which lasts between two-three years (three years if you are working towards becoming a member of a professional association). You will have to submit the relevant form, Work Visa Application (INZ 1015) alongside your travel document (i.e. your passport) and pay a fee. This offer of employment must be relevant to the qualification that you have achieved in New Zealand, and must follow one of the following requirements:

  • You have studied for at least one academic year a qualification at level 7 or above on the New Zealand Qualification Framework;
  • You have studied a two year qualification at level 4 to 6 on this Framework;
  • You have studied two qualifications at levels 4 to 6 on this Framework that each required at least one academic year study in New Zealand, provided the second qualification is at a higher level (two years studying in New Zealand overall).


If you are working to become a member of a professional association, like that of Chartered Accountants, you must provide evidence that:

  • Membership is essential to perform your professional duties
  • Your employment is considered required experience to become a member of this association
  • The association is relevant to the qualification you have achieved in New Zealand, and that the employment is relevant experience to this association


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Visit the NZ Immigration website.

If you are in the Christchurch area, you can apply for visa extensions under new regulations.

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post study work visa New Zealand

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