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Being one of Southeast Asian leaders in trade, along with strong international ties in business and finance, Singapore is certainly a good place to kick-start off a graduate career. So why bother looking for a job abroad when the market at home is healthy and booming? In fact, one only has to look around at the growing pool of foreign talent, who are attracted to the island’s healthy job market and stable economy, to realize that working in Singapore is certainly an excellent choice.


However, to climb that ladder and be at the top of the game first requires one to know what jobs will be in demand in the coming years. has compiled a summary list for you, so do read on and find out more:



As we all have learnt in our Geography lessons back in Secondary school, Singapore is uniquely positioned in a strategic location and surrounded by deep water, which makes it a key port for trading and logistics. Therefore, jobs in shipping and exports are always high in demand.


However, the Ministry of Manpower has highlighted other key industries in the coming years that require people with the right skills and qualifications, and are even hiring from abroad if the local pool of job-seekers do not fulfill the criteria. These industries include manufacturing, construction, healthcare, finance, information communication & digital media and tourism & retail.


The manufacturing industry requires graduates in electrical engineering, chemicals & biomedicals, and aerospace, marine & offshore engineering to take up key positions in research and development, as well as other engineering positions that involve projects and design.


The healthcare sector requires a range of specialists from therapists and psychologists to doctors, nurses and even dentists. However, graduates must ensure that their degrees, if obtained overseas, are approved and can be found on the list as provided by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) website.

Similarly, a Degree or Diploma in Nursing has to be recognized by the Singapore Nursing Board.


The finance sector mainly requires graduates in banking, accountancy, business and economics to fill up positions in risk management, investment, project management and research analysis. The construction industry are looking for architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, technicians and even crane operators. The tourism and retail sector are looking for museum & art curators, various designers, art specialists and casino surveillance.


The largest pool of experts are required in the growing information communication & digital media industry, which apart from looking for graduates in computer science, are also looking for those with qualifications in 2D & 3D animation, games design and visual effects. Those involved in scriptwriting and producing, especially in games and animation are also in demand.


For a more detailed list as supplied by the MOM, click here.



There are plenty of online job sites such as JobStreet, JobsDB Singapore and JobsCentral Singapore. Otherwise, you could always go down the traditional route and check out the Classifieds section on the Straits Times or other local newspapers to see if there are any listed vacancies suitable for you.


Otherwise, employers often collaborate with the local universities such as the NUS, NTU and the SMU and participate in the career fairs organized by them, or you could attend one of the regular career fairs organized at the Singapore Expo or Suntec Convention Centre where top public and private sectors do mass recruitment drives during the events.


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