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Singapore: Latest News

U21 rankings provide further evidence of Asia’s status in international education

Singapore is now considered a strong contender in international research and education

Congratulations go out to Singapore, having become the first Asian country to make it into the Universitas 21 Rankings, as reported by Times Higher Education.

The Universitas 21 Rankings – the second of their kind – saw Singapore rank ninth, which is a huge accomplishment in promoting the continent as a leading study destination. Last month we reported how institutions in Malaysia and Singapore had ranked in the first Times Higher Education Asia Rankings.

The U21 rankings are based on the criteria of resources, environment, connectivity and output, with individual rankings for each. A heavy emphasis is placed on research, with the benefits which a strong higher education system provides a nation, being at the heart of the study. If universities can attract esteemed figures to their campuses to carry out work, it can do wonders in promoting the institution as a hub for that particular field.

With a high quality of living and where education is a high priority for the government, Singapore continues to attract more and more students from abroad. Find out more about why Singapore is regarded so highly.

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