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3 scholarships in Singapore for Malaysians


Singapore may be a small country, but it is renowned for its research and education, establishing strong international networks with the West and creating wide job opportunities for many. Although studying in Singapore can be expensive, there are many scholarships available for Malaysians, so read our overview on the top 3 funding options to help finance your studies.

Funding Bodies

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The MOE is Singapore’s government education body that manages 10 statutory boards, including the Singapore Institute of Technology and Nanyang Polytechnic, and runs a number of funding schemes across all study levels. You can also find a list of available programmes on the MOE scholarships webpage and links to other scholarships awarded by subject area, study level, host universities and external organisations.


Host University

There are higher education institutions in Singapore that offer scholarships related to their own study programmes. These details are available on the institution’s website. Always check which options are available from your host first as most universities create scholarships with specific programmes in mind and are more likely to meet your needs.


External Companies and Funding Bodies

There is a wide range of funding options on offer from external companies and funding bodies in Singapore. Arrangements are typically subject-specific and are offered across all study levels. Students awarded with funds normally will have to agree to be bonded by the company and oblige to work with the organisation upon graduation for a certain period. This is a good opportunity as students are promised jobs upon graduation.



NatSteel Study Awards

NatSteel is a Pan-Asian company that provides reinforced steel products and solutions to the construction industry. The company is involved in a number of national construction projects and manages industrial ties across the entire region, with links to countries overseas such as the UK, Netherlands, China and Australia.

The award is open to students about to embark on their Undergraduate studies in fields of Accounting, Engineering or Operations. The bond is one year per year of study, with a minimum period of three years.


Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Local Undergraduate Scholarship

Undergraduate students in any areas of study except Medicine and Dentistry can apply for this scholarship. Students who apply for this need to show strong academic results in either O or A levels. The bond period is 4 years and students will have to complete a compulsory internship with the company intended to acquaint and provide an insight into the aviation industry. The scholarship covers costs of tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. 

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