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Science jobs inspired by movies

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Many Malaysian students choose to study science in Singapore for its affordable fees and close proximity to home. After all, those late night studying requires a dose of your mum’s special home curry to help re-energise before you start a gruelling semester again! But, if you need a little more conviction as to why you should study science, we’ve put together some cool jobs that are inspired by some of our best-loved movies.



If you’re intrigued with TV programmes like CSI and Dexter, then being a forensic scientist will allow you to study scientific evidence to support the prosecution or defence in criminal and civil investigations. You’ll trace material associated with crimes which involves painstaking work and a high level of attention to detail. Find out more about forensic science here.


Grey’s Anatomy

Fancy what Meredith, Christina and Bailey do on a daily basis? Then study medicine and help save lives like them. A doctor or surgeon’s work is challenging, and you’ll learn new things every day at work. Whilst we can’t promise you all the drama you’ll get like Meredith and McDreamy, we can promise you that you’ll find helping others highly rewarding.


Dr Dolittle

Do you speak animal language? If you love dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, iguanas and what not, then working with animals might be right up your street. Studying veterinary courses is an interesting science route, so if you’re an animal whisperer, then enrol on this course.



If you’re not just entranced by Sandra Bullock’s acting, but also love the idea of space and planets, a course in physics will interest you. You’ll learn all about astrophysics, quantum physics, particle physics, mathematical physics, thermodynamics and nanotechnology.  



This 1996 American slasher film has put everyone on the edge of their seats for years. On a closer look, if you’ve wondered how some murders are done out of revenge and others are pure psychopathic acts, then venture into the world of psychology? It’s a great way to understand people’s mental health and motivations.



It’s an old film, but that only goes to show that mankind has been playing with the idea of building robots for a long time. Over the years, we’ve had movies like I,Robot and Transformers, and seen how robotic features have developed drastically. If you’re interesting in robotics, mechatronics and intelligent systems, then study for the course in some of Singapore’s top universities.


The Day After Tomorrow

This film takes the audience on a disaster roller coaster as a sudden arctic melt wreaks havoc in New York City. With the high rise of environmental disasters we’ve seen in the past couple of years, one can’t help but wonder how long mother nature can survive before exploding into a wrath of fury due to man’s irresponsible acts. If this concerns you, a course in environmental science will be a perfect option.


Free Willy

A popular film about Willy the whale, whose intriguing behaviour and triumph in overcoming whaling activities have caught the nation’s hearts. If this inspires you to protect wildlife and preserve sea’s wonderful creatures, study marine biology.    


If you can think of any other movies that can help inspire people to pursue certain courses, share them with us below! 

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