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3 Scholarships in South Korea to start you off

Here are three different scholarships in for international students in South Korea. Read this article to see how to make your study abroad affordable…


Scholarships from the Korean Government

The government offers a number of scholarships for international students attempting to make their studies in South Korea affordable. These scholarships include money for undergraduate and graduate degrees, self-financing students, Asian artists, exchange students and foreign researchers and professors from Asian countries.

Awards range from 30% to 100% of the costs associated with studying in South Korea, and some even include flights, language courses, monthly allowances and more!

These scholarships come from multiple ministries, but all of the applications go through the Korean Embassy in your country. After submitting your application to the embassy, or consulate, they will pass the application to the relevant ministry.

The application periods for these scholarships usually run from September to October, but make sure to look at the specific scholarship you want for more details.

For additional information on scholarships from the Korean Government, click here.


Seoul National University’s Overseas Koreans Scholarship

This scholarship is for Koreans that live outside of South Korea and wish to take undergraduate classes at Seoul National University. There are around 5 recipients of this scholarship, which allows for 8 semesters of full tuition exemption, airfare to and from South Korea, medical insurance, Korean language training fees and an £490 monthly allowance.

Those applying for this scholarship will apply directly to their home country’s Korean Embassy. Applications are available every year in March. For more information, look at SNU’s website or contact them directly.

This university also offers multiple scholarships for their exchange programmes. If you are not of Korean ancestry, take a look at the exchange programmes offered here.


Kyung Hee University International Student Scholarships

Kyung Hee University offers a number of undergraduate scholarships for freshman and post-enrolment students, ranging from full tuition awards to a waived admission fee. Some of the scholarships are eligible for automatic renewability, if the student follows the GPA and credit requirement, and others are able to be renewed with additional application processes.

This university also offers a full tuition scholarship for excellence in Korean. If you can speak Korean well, and are able to submit S-TOPIK Level 6 scores, you should definitely apply for this scholarship to KHU!

Applications for scholarships are conducted with applications to the university, and are announced when the university announced acceptance. For more information, check out their website!


Remember that these are just a few scholarships to help you get started with your research. If you don’t find one here that fits you, keep looking! 

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